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October 27, 2019


Sermon Series on Worship
Affirmation of Faith

Austin Seminary Intern
Savannah Demuynck preaching
"More than Words"

First Reading: Hebrews 11:1-3
Second Reading: James 2:14-26

Laudate Children’s Choir sings Ken Berg’s arrangement of “A Mighty Fortress Is Our God”. The Chancel Choir sings Kim André Arnesen’s setting of words found in a Cologne cellar following World War II, “Even When He Is Silent”.

7:00 PM, Austin Seminary
Shelton Chapel
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October 20, Pastor Matt Gaventa,

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September 29, 2019, Paul Hooker & Eric Wall, Too Deep for Words

September 22, 2019, Pastor Matt Gaventa

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September 8, 2019, the Reverend Shanea Leonard Peace: Pass It On!

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Greetings UPC membership! Andrea and I were so excited to join UPC two years ago and enter this stewardship season full of gratitude.

On Sundays, we hear the amazing choir singing with heavenly voices. We are grateful for a staff that is incredibly supportive and Pastors that teach and preach with theological grounding. We are mesmerized by a sanctuary that surrounds us with stained glass illustrating components of the greatest story known to humankind. We are overwhelmed by a congregation that cares for us, prays for us, and helps our community thrive in the midst of suffering, sadness, and tragedy. There is so much to be grateful for at UPC, and we know there is much more we can do.

In thanksgiving for all we have at UPC, much is expected from us – from all of us! During this season of stewardship, prayerfully complete your pledge card in anticipation of stewardship Sunday. Andrea and I will do what’s expected from us, plus some. Join us in celebrating your gratitude for UPC and God’s blessing on all our lives.
Dan Elinor

In our video for Stewardship 2020, we see ample evidence that our hands are helping to fulfill God's plan. Please consider increasing your pledge for the coming year. It's the little things that make a big difference. Thank you!
Monday, October 28, the UPC community has a great opportunity to learn more about climate change and what PC(USA) is doing to understand and take action on climate change impact. Please plan to join Ruling Elder Bill Bray* at 2:00 p.m. in Fellowship Hall for a program about actions taken by the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church in support of Climate Change, including actions related to carbon pricing and Carbon Dividends.

The presentation will cover

  • GA actions to address Climate Change support Carbon Pricing
  • Overture 08-12 approved by the 2018 General Assembly on Support for Carbon Pricing and how it will work
  • Climate change background – science and economics
  • Carbon Fee & Dividend – what it is and how it works
  • Efforts that others are taking and those that we can take our selves.

The presentation of about 45 minutes will be followed by a discussion.

Two organizations working on these efforts are the Presbyterian Action Team and Presbyterians for a Carbon Dividend (P4CD). To learn more about the PC(USA) stand on climate change and how you can take action, click the red button.

*Bill Bray is an Elder at The Woodlands Community Presbyterian Church. He spent his career with EXXON as a Naval Architect and Executive has been an Overture Advocate for Carbon Pricing Overtures at the last 2 PCUSA General Assemblies.
All Austin area young adults are invited for dinner and discussion with Justice for Our Neighbors on the topic of immigration next Monday in Fellowship Hall, beginning at 6:00 p.m. Invite your friends, come and break bread, and find out more about the crisis at the boarder.
The Congregational Care Committee is sponsoring a “Mini” UPC Women’s Retreat on Saturday, November 2 from 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. The retreat has multiple purposes:

  • to have an event where the Women of UPC can gather for a social time
  • for completing some services projects, and
  • to find out what your interests in are for planning future retreats.

You can come when you wish and leave when you wish during that time period, but we will be providing lunch at noon, so plan to be around for that!

We will have several Service Projects to work on:
  • a simple sewing project (can you sew on a button?) to complete some fabric Chrismons for the Advent Chrismon tree,
  • assisting the Christian Formation Committee by assembling some Advent Packets for the Children,
  • working on your own craft projects (if you wish) or making some baby blankets to replenish our supply here.

There are other Advent related projects in the planning stages as well. Finally, we will provide a survey to get some feedback and suggestions for future retreats.

What do you need to do? Sign up on the courtyard on Sunday, October 27 or email Karen Grice at kwgrice@grandecom.net . Let us know if you will need childcare. Bring your ideas, your desire to meet with other Presbyterian Women*, and plan on a Saturday retreat from your daily lives.

*Presbyterian Women is a term that to some people reads “circles.” We are hoping to dispel that notion and let you know that the term includes all women of this church!
By Their Fruits, Ye Shall Know Them
Once again, UPC, in cooperation with the Northwest Austin Rotary Club, will be selling oranges and grapefruit to benefit Micah 6 of Austin. Fred Morgan will be in the courtyard on Sundays after worship October 27, November 3, 17, and 24 to take your orders. 

If you don’t want a personal box of fruit, you may order fruit boxes to be donated directly to the Micah 6 Food Pantry. Those who order can pick up your box of fruit on Sunday, December 8 in the Fellowship Hall. Micah 6 of Austin receives $10 per fruit box ordered.  
UPLift Pantry Needs This Week
On behalf of the entire UPLift Kitchen Krew, thank you for your amazing generosity and displays of caring for our clients at UPLift when you filled our shelves on Overflow the Cart Sunday.

It's hard to believe, but we left an important ingredient off the list. Gasp!

Our shelves are indeed overflowing except for large jars of strawberry preserves ! We'd love to have some to use next week, so please bring some to church this Sunday and place in the shopping cart. And, as always, $10 H-E-B cards in the offering plate go a long way to help our neighbors.

Thank you, UPC!

This coming Sunday is the last in our Socktober Collection for street dependent youth who come with Street Youth Ministry on Mondays to UPC. Please help them stay warm and dry during this winter.

Here are the items we are collecting:

  • New or gently used (washed) crew socks
  • New or gently used winter beanie – style hats
  • New or gently used warm gloves
  • Disposable rain ponchos
  • Mylar emergency blankets

There are bulk pack options and additional items listed on the Amazon Smile site, but the items are the most important things we need.

Help us care for our neighbors this winter by donating to Socktober! For questions, please contact Pastor John.

Prayers of thanksgiving for

Frances Trahan, who has returned home following a brief hospital stay.
To request prayers for yourself or a loved one, email   upc@upcaustin.org .
Celebrations and Concerns of the congregation are published weekly and include prayers and people to pray for. You can download the folder here for Sunday, October 20, 2019, or pick up a copy outside the church office or in the narthex.
To have a deacon pray with you, look for the  Deacon of the Day  on the pulpit side front of the sanctuary any Sunday following the postlude.
UPC's Prayer Chain is a group of faithful prayer warriors who commit to praying for people throughout the week. If you'd like to be part of the Prayer Chain, click the button below. You will receive periodic emails (no more than one per day), with specific requests from members to pray. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer.