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President's Message
Nancy Murray

"Mass collaboration is becoming second nature. We are more connected now than at any other time in human history. Social media is the tip of the iceberg, and where we're going next is collaboration--in business and organizations." 
                                                                            Nick Wright, Crowdicity

Oh boy! The year 2020. What is our profession going to look like? 
Technology and data are going to be critical. Senior management no longer accepts that we "know" we can save money for the company, they need the proof and the data behind our strategies, supplier selection and negotiations. March is National Purchasing month. Take time for yourself and your career. 
I encourage everyone to attend ISM-NY's Annual Conference on March 16th.

I look forward to seeing you soon, sharing and listening.

President, ISM - New York 
Upcoming Professional Development & Certification Review

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  April 6th, 2016 
Certification Exam 2 Review Seminar
April 19th, 2016 

April 28th

 Mark Your  Calendars 
 Upcoming Meetings 

"Two Great Events 
One Day of Supplier Diversity"

Manage your connections 
& learn more about the 
importance of Supplier Diversity
in your procurement role. 

Thursday, April 14th 
9:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. 

101 Barclay Street
Murray Street Entrance 
Between Greenwich & West St.

Opens at 8:30 am
9:00 am - 11:30 am

Supplier Diversity 
Monthly Membership Meeting
12:00 pm - 2:00 pm

Panel Presentation
"The Competitive Advantage 
of Supplier Diversity"

The Supplier Diversity EXPO is an event which allows diverse suppliers to meet.  Through this event, ISM-New York supports the proactive business approach of goods and services from previously under-utilized suppliers. 

EXPO & Membership Meeting included for all  ISM-New York 
dues paying Members

Non-Member Diverse Suppliers benefit from  special EXPO & Meeting fees. 


The J.H. Leonard Award
is given to an ISM-New York member who has rendered distinguished service to the Association in one or more of the following areas: Participation in scheduled meetings, forums or other Association activities; Service to the Board of Directors  or a committee; Contributions to Competitive Edge; to the growth, development or professional stature of the profession and 
ISM - New York.

This form can also be found on the ISM - NY website at "About" Submission deadline: April 1, 2016. 

Procurement leadership that is collaborative, technologically adept and culturally attuned, will be required in the  2020 workplace. Learn from industry experts about how you can create value and drive innovative, future-focused  growth in your procurement department and organization.

Featured Speakers

"The Influence of the Digital Environment on 
Decision-Making in Procurement"
Dr. Jim Narus & Dr. Michelle Steward
Wake Forest University, North Carolina

"Optimizing IT Contracts & Relationships"
James Martin, VP Procurement, MUFG

"Disruption in Procurement: The Shift
From Savings-Driven to Value-Driven"
Joanna Martinez, Principal
Supply Chain Advisors, LLC

"Virtual Teams: Making Impactful
Human-To-Human (H2H) Connections"
Yael Zofi, Founder & CEO, Aim Strategies


Virtual Q&A Facilitator
Kelly Barner - the Buyer's Meeting Point

Speakers Bio's

Join us for a full day of education and networking.
Earn 7 Continuing Education Hours

Last chance to  save your seat at the early bird price!
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            We look forward to seeing you at this event


         Julienne Ryan
           ISM-New York Inc.

A Special Thanks to our Event Sponsors:  

Jim Martin
First Vice President

March is officially Supply Chain Management month.                                                                                                                               
In my over 25 years of supply chain experience I view it as one of the key moments for a self-evaluation of my career.  And exactly does that mean?  It is a chance for me to determine how much do I know and understand in the supply chain world happening in categories outside of what I manage.  So now is the time for every member to do the same.  As part of the self-evaluation of your career, one of the premier opportunities to learn about topical issues is through the ISM-New York's Annual Conference.
This year marks the 33rd year of the conference and it is a great learning experience at a very reasonable cost.  While other conferences are significantly more expensive and require travel costs and days out of the office, our conference is a single day with a packed agenda of topics most relevant to supply chain professionals.
What is perhaps the most interesting part of this year's conference is the theme: Procurement 2020.  It is a view of what supply chain may be like in just four years.  With the speed and rapidity of technological changes, understanding how our discipline of supply chain management will look and act  four years from now will be vital.  It is quite hard to recall what business conditions were like back in 2012 but they have changed significantly.  The conference affords you the ability to improve upon your skillsets and the ability to add value to your organization.  It is also a great opportunity to make connections with other members in other companies and get a sense of how they are managing and the challenges they face.  That remains one of the supreme elements of the conference, to understand where you stand vs. others and what you may need to anticipate in the months and years ahead.
So please take the time to consider attending this year's conference.  Taking one day out of your busy workweek will be worth the investment.  Being one of the presenters myself, I am looking forward to interacting with many of my peers and understanding what the future of supply chain and procurement has in store for all of us.
Thank you.

Vice President - IT Sourcing and Contracts 
MUFG in the Americas

ISM-New York
[email protected]

Bring Value To Our Members.