A pillar of the County Mutual and Community Insurance Corporation program is to provide extensive, budget-neutral, risk management services.  With the approach of our most significant event of the year, Highway Safety Days, we wish to offer you the safety training and compliance with MSHA requirements regardless if it may be in person or via another medium.
In light of the government's direction to limit the size of groups and to engage in social distancing aimed at reducing the spread of COVID-19, we have begun to explore contingency plans for our 2020 Highway Safety Days.  Below are some potential options.
  • Postponing the Highway Safety Days could cause issues with MSHA Part 46 - Annual Refresher Training timeframes, as you must complete the training the same month as the prior year.
  • Following MSHA guidelines, we are exploring alternative training delivery methods, principally, online/video-based learning for your staff.  The 7.5 hours of Highway Safety Day recorded program topics would be made available to each registered department.  Departments would have the flexibility to provide the training on one day (such as the scheduled date when they would have attended the Highway Safety Day, or at varying dates and times to accommodate staffing levels).  All documentation, such as MSHA paperwork, MSHA Cards, and training logs, would be provided for each entity.
  • As many departments rely on our offering of annual audiometric exams through American Industrial Medical (AIM), our contingency plans would provide arrangements and cost subsidizing for this service.  AIM has been providing the audiometric testing for almost ten years, and it is essential to have the prior exam results to determine if any standard threshold shift changes have taken place for recordkeeping documentation requirements and staff notification.
  • Please continue to register as usual, as it will be necessary to provide the proper paperwork as well as t-shirt sizes.
As the situation remains fluid, we will continue to communicate with you if changes to the 2020 Highway Safety Days program are needed and implemented. We look forward to continuing to provide you risk management services safely.
In the end, it will be impossible to know if we overreacted or did too much, but it will be quite apparent if we under-reacted or did too little.

If you have any questions regarding the Highway Safety Days, please contact Jodi Traas, Senior Risk Management Consultant for the County Mutual & CIC at 800-511-9797 or at jodi@aegis-wi.com.