We are pleased to announce our recently organized j oint town and village traffic task force has held its first meeting via Zoom. Traffic safety and congestion may be our biggest challenge and we know it requires close coordination and planning with the town and state. I want to thank Supervisor Peter Van Scoyoc and Assemblyman Fred Thiele for supporting this initiative.

The mission of this committee is two-fold:
First: To discuss ways to improve our roads and intersections in order to eliminate some of the congestion and bottle necks.
Second: To explore the potential for a town-wide public transportation system with the goal of moving people from place to place and getting them to leave their cars at home.

This committee is comprised of 17 people including elected officials, staff representatives from appropriate town and village departments, State Assemblyman Fred Thiele, and some residents. 

At the inaugural meeting the committee was broken down into three sub-committees which are tasked with the job of exploring the main areas of concern: roadways and intersections; public transportation; and alternative means of transportation (i.e. bike and pedestrian paths)

Each of these sub-committees will meet in the next month to begin their work and report back to the larger committee in September. We are enthusiastic about the potential for solving some of our most perplexing problems on a town-wide basis, working together to find solutions. We see this initiative as a positive move forward for our community and look forward to finding solutions to some of our seasonal traffic issues. 
Photos by Richard Lewin