COVID-19 Awareness
From the Leadership of Stuart Heights Baptist Church
This is how we ended our post to you yesterday: 

Should there be any change to this plan or any new information that comes to light, we will keep you informed. New information will be posted on all of our social media outlets and our Website, StuartHeights.org . We will also send out an email if updates are warranted. 

Update from Stuart Heights Baptist Church

Serving from a position of wisdom and love, not from a position of fear, we are reaching out to let you know how our local situation has changed over the past few days. Schools have cancelled onsite classes, college and professional sports have been put on hold, businesses have equipped employees to work from home, and this morning the mayor of Chattanooga declared a state of emergency which set into action the closing of parks, recreation centers, and a variety of other venues in our area.

With these updates and after gathering information from officials at Homeland Security, the Centers for Disease Control, and local and state medical officials, we have decided to move the March 15 Sunday morning services online. We will not be having onsite services at any of our three locations this coming Sunday, March 15. This includes the Sunday morning worship service, Sunday school, Sunday evening services, AWANA, choir practice, and any other groups that were scheduled to meet. Additionally, we will not be having any onsite services, meals or classes on Wednesday, March 18.

We believe this plan brings honor to our Lord and shows our community we care. We care enough to set aside our wants, our desires, and our wishes for the good of the community. Not holding onsite services this week is the best way to stop what is known as “community spread,” which is how this virus is spreading, according to the Tennessee Department of Health.

We are asking everyone to gather online this Sunday morning at 10:00 am on Facebook, where Pastor Gary will be sharing with all of us, “The Lord is Our Shepherd.”

Lastly, because of the issues mentioned above, we will not be celebrating Easter at Coolidge this year. With the park closed to large gatherings, we will be evaluating other options for celebrating Easter.

We are working diligently to keep you updated as our local situation continues to change. Please continue to pray for our city, state, nation, and world as we proceed.