A Message From President Donald Trump
Today my office received a communication from President Donald Trump, which I want to share with you.

In his letter, President Trump reminds each one of us to highlight "the important work that the men and women of ICE and CBP do each day to enforce our Nation's laws and to protect our communities."

I ask you to join me in supporting President Trump's call to action in support of the men and women of ICE and CBP.

Read President Trump's letter here
My Take: Board of Supervisors Meeting August 20, 2018
On Monday, August 20, the Pima County Board approved the budget proposed by County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry in a 4 to 1 vote.

Once again, a majority of the supervisors approved a budget that does little to improve our crumbling infrastructure while spending money on speculative ventures and other luxuries.

Earlier this year, I was able to identify - through budget reallocation - over $31 million in the FY 2019-2019 budget that could have been used to fund our critical road repairs.

Given the recent articles and public statements by County officials, we know there is an awareness on the administrative level of the impact our neglect of infrastructure has caused, yet they continue to raise taxes without taking a hard look at how they spend them.

The money has clearly been available but the will to prioritize spending on core services has not.

The refusal to institute efficiency improvement goals in all departments responsible for managing and meeting these goals is inexplicable. As an example, we had the choice to reduce the Communications Department budget alone by 50 percent from $2.2 million to $1.3 million. Yet, that department budget continues to grow each year.

As Pima County residents watch their taxes increase, and drivable roads decrease, the County is buying bowling alleys and developing more soccer fields. This, despite the fact that the public rejected bonds for these types of projects just a couple of years ago.

With all the controversy surrounding the Stonegarden and HIDTA grants and potential layoffs, according to Sheriff Mark Napier, my alternative budget would have allowed the County to reallocate $2 million to the Sheriff's Department to meet the Pima County Deputy Association's request of an additional $1.8 million to meet the goals of the Step Program.

The bottom line is that rather than focus on rocket science - which we should be leaving up to privately funded industry - we should be doing simple math. How much do we take in? What are the basic costs associated with a good quality of life for our residents? How do we build a budget that allows us to live within our means and ensures a safe and secure community for our residents?

08.20.18 Supervisor Miller Opposes FY 2018/19 Tax Levy & Collection
08.20.18 Supervisor Miller Opposes FY 2018/19 Tax Levy & Collection
Pima County supervisors Richard Elias and Sharon Bronson tried to prevent me from defending myself from comments made by a member of the public. Attorney Andrew Flagg defended my right to respond.

Supervisor Bronson called "point of order," in what appeared to be an effort to silence me, but the ploy didn't work, and my comments about "fake news" were met with applause from the audience.
08.20.18 County Attorney Defends Miller's Right to Respond
08.20.18 County Attorney Defends Miller's Right to Respond
UPDATE: Operation Stonegarden and HIDTA grants
Since the August 7, 2018 Board of Supervisors' meeting and Sheriff Napier's statement about the need to layoff personnel if the Board did not approve the acceptance of the HIDTA grant monies, my office has been inundated with calls from concerned residents.

Both the Stonegarden and two HIDTA grants totaling more than $2 million will be discussed and voted on, once again, at the September 4th Supervisors' meeting.  I don't know the fate of these grant funds, but what I can guarantee to my constituents is that my support of our deputies is unwavering.  I value the too often thankless acts of bravery and humanity they perform while funded by our federal grant dollars.

I wouldn't pretend to know, or even attempt a guess at what my fellow supervisors might do - or fail to do. I can, however, promise you that when the time comes, I will stand with our first responders, the victims to whom they provide care, and the residents who rely on them in times of need.
Announcements & Fun Facts
Did you know that the following have been established by the Pima County Board of Supervisors?

September 4, 2018 
9 AM
1st Floor
130 W. Congress,
Tucson, 85701 

World View Insurance Raises Questions
 I questioned Administrator Huckelberry about World View contract insurance requirement. My question stems from a former County employee's $6 million dollar claim from a bicycle injury on a County maintained road.

World View experienced a hydrogen explosion in December 2017 on County owned property causing nearly $500,000 in damages (thus far). 

I continue to express grave concern for any potential taxpayer liability that might occur as a result of another World View hydrogen or other chemical explosion.
08.07.18 Miller Says
08.07.18 Miller Says "World View Insurance ... Just Not Enough!"
Boards and Committees Openings
Please consider serving as a watchdog member on numerous boards and committees created by the Board of Supervisors.

There is currently an opening to serve on the Safety Law & Justice Commission.

If you are interested, please contact my office.