My Take: Pima County Board of Supervisors Meeting August 7, 2018
The Pima County Board of Supervisors met on Tuesday, August 7, 2018. The issues under consideration ranged from the over $475,000 in damages related to the World View balloon explosion, to the highly questionable proposed purchase of the Golden Pins Bowling Alley.

As your "watchdog" member of the Board of Supervisors, I considered the interests of all residents and small businesses in Pima County during the discussion and vote on all matters before the Board.
World View Explosion Investigation
Once again, Pima County taxpayers' resources are being used for private interests. In this case, those resources were used to generate multiple stories, piles of paper, and unbelievable spin in order to mitigate the public relations damage this entire deal has done.
If the County spent as much effort creating a business-friendly environment as they do on propping up questionable enterprises, our small business owners might have a fighting chance.
I know that few Pima County residents will ever be able to enjoy the space tourism experience World View hopes to offer one day, but they sure have been taken for a ride by the County administration.
Discussion of the World View matter
08.07.18 World View Investigation: Answers Produce More Questions
08.07.18 World View Investigation: Answers Produce More Questions

Background On World View Explosion
On July 18, 2018 Supervisor Miller directed the Clerk of the Board to place an item on the August 7, 2018 Board of Supervisors meeting agenda to discuss the World View incident which occurred on December 19, 2017. Supervisor Miller raised a number of issues with the various reports generated by the County and claims made by staff since the time of the explosion that rocked Pima County residents.

Mr. Huckelberry's July 12, 2018 memo raises more questions than answers. While Mr. Huckelberry acknowledges that the damages were "significant, he also claimed they were "superficial." He later admitted that they were "significant.

The damages incurred as a result of a hydrogen gas-fueled balloon explosion at "Spaceport Tucson" on December 19, 2017, now total $475,196.08.
According to a memo dated February 8, 2018, prepared by County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry, "The Raytheon Airport Site facilities sustained minor damage and disruptions in business operations as a result of the incident. Additionally, Raytheon continues to be concerned about the World View "Test Planning" process and the safety reviews/oversight of those test plans for activities on the "Launch Pad."
Golden Pins
Despite the presence of asbestos and high remediation costs associated (currently estimated at $348,000) with this building, County staff has pushed forward with the sale. County Administrator Chuck Huckelberry confirmed that taxpayers will be asked to pick up the majority of the costs associated with removal and remediation. 

In the latest iteration of the "deal," the County taxpayers are now picking up the cost to remove the 48 bowling lanes. The owner will be selling them to a third-party. The cost to the taxpayers on this item is yet unknown.
So much about this deal is still unknown and the most important question has never been answered. Taxpayers want to know why the County Administrator insists on buying more and more private property and refuses to use their tax money on fixing our roads.
Discussion of Golden Pins Bowling Alley Purchase

08.07.18 County Buys Bowling Alley: $600K Above Appraisal!
08.07.18 County Buys Bowling Alley: $600K Above Appraisal!

Background on Golden Pins Purchase
On May 15, 2018, the Pima County Board of Supervisors in a 3:2 vote approved an Acquisition Agreement to acquire the Golden Pins Bowling Alley located at 1010 W. Miracle Mile for the contract amount of $2,941,600--which is nearly 30% higher than the appraised value of $2.2 million. Supervisor Miller opposed the acquisition citing issues with the appraisal which didn't include consideration of asbestos and questioned why the urgency in approving this purchase at 30% over appraised value.

Supervisors Bronson, Elias, and Valadez objected and approved the purchase, stating the 45-day due diligence would be started after the purchase approval. County Administrator Huckelberry later issued a memorandum stating the county would spend $2.9 to acquire the property plus an additional $4 million to renovate the property.
Operation Stonegarden and HIDTA grants
In what can only be described as a blatant display of careless disregard for community, Pima County Democrat Board of Supervisors Bronson, Valadez and Elias refused, once again, to accept the Stonegarden Grant ($1.2 mil) and two HIDTA grants ($1 mil).

Sheriff Napier explained layoffs would occur within weeks if funds were not accepted. In response, Supervisor Elias shrugged his shoulders and the vote proceeded.

The supervisors have accepted more than $16 mil in Stonegarden and HIDTA grant funds over the past 10 years. These same grants were accepted throughout the entire Obama administration.
Discussion of Potential Layoffs
Kudos And Gratitude To Carnegie Medal Of Honor Certificate Winner Sergeant Brian Kunze
The Pima County Board of Supervisors were fortunate to be on hand when Sheriff Mark Napier present the Carnegie Medal of Honor Certificate to Sergeant Brian Kunze.
From the Carnegie Foundation:

Brian Kunze helped to save a woman from burning, Tucson, Arizona, June 18, 2016.

In the early morning, the 82-year-old woman, who was bedridden and on oxygen therapy, was in a bedroom of a one-story house when her adult daughter was assaulted by her grandson who possessed gasoline-filled bottles and was armed with a sword. The daughter fled the house.

Responding Pima County Sheriff's deputies, including Kunze, 49, sergeant, smelled natural gas inside the house and, concluding that the woman was in danger, Kunze used a tool to break open her bedroom window. As another deputy began to enter the room through the window, a sudden explosion inside the house blew him outside into the yard; Kunze, standing by the window outside, was knocked back. Flames briefly filled the room, then receded to an adjacent hallway.

Kunze climbed through the window into the bedroom, and moved to the woman's bed. Kunze lifted the woman and carried her to the window, passing her outside to deputies who took her to safety as Kunze exited. The grandson, who remained inside, perished. The woman suffered a cut on a leg but was not burned. Kunze recovered from a cut on his left hand.

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August 20, 2018 
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Snyder Road
Funding for three additional road segments to complete repairs on Snyder Road will be discussed and voted on at the upcoming August 20, 2018 Board of Supervisors' Meeting. Plan to attend and lend your support for getting this funding approved!