To:  Atlantic-Midwest, Central Pacific and Province of Africa Sisters and Associates
From:  Trinity Symposium Committee
Subject:  UPDATE - Symposium on the Triune God
Date:  September 17, 2019
"We deepen our consciousness of who we are in relationship to the Triune God, one another, and God’s amazing universe, particularly through theological reflection on the Trinity.  ~Love Gives Everything

The Collaborative Leadership of the provinces of Africa, Atlantic-Midwest and Central Pacific made a decision to respond to this mandate by hosting a Symposium on the Triune God. After a year of meeting via ZOOM, the Trinity Symposium Committee members finally met each other at Sancta Maria in Ripa, St. Louis, at the end of July. In an atmosphere of prayer and dialogue, and with the able assistance of Barbara Valu c kas, our facilitator, we worked through a process that resulted in deepening our relationships and making key decisions.
We are happy to announce that the symposium will be held
July 27-30, 2021, in a location yet to be determined.
There will be two major presentations with responses by a yet-unnamed panel of SSND from a variety of cultures who will share from their cultural perspectives. The presentations will be incorporated in prayer, reflection, sharing and feedback from all participants (in-person and on livestreaming). We were blessed with a wealth of potential speaker suggestions; decisions were guided by multiple criteria given to us by our leadership teams and SSND responses to surveys and by the responses of prospective speakers.

The presenters selected are Stephen Bevans,  a priest in the missionary congregation of the Society of the Divine Word, and Gloria Schaab, a Sister of Saint Joseph of Philadelphia .
Stephen B. Bevans, SVD , is the Louis J. Luzbetak, SVD, Professor Emeritus of Mission and Culture at Catholic Theological Union in Chicago. He is a commissioner on the World Council of Churches’ Commission on World Mission and Evangelism, and a member of his SVD Chicago Province’s Provincial Council. His current work includes research into Pope Francis’ thinking on enculturation and his signature phrase “the culture of encounter.”
Gloria L. Schaab, SSJ, is Associate Professor of Theology, director of graduate programs in theology and ministry, and Associate Dean for General Education at Barry University, in Miami Shores, Florida. She is the author of Trinity in Relation (Anselm Academic, 2012).

The two speakers will collaborate with each other in preparing their presentations and will share their final presentations with us after the symposium. In addition, they are open to archiving the livestreaming and putting it on DVDs for those who do not have easy access to the internet.

Their openness supports the request of SSND leadership to have the symposium as part of a three-stage process: a period of preparation, the event and follow up." To that end, by early November 2019, there will be a webpage dedicated to the Symposium. We will inform you when the page is created and as materials are added. 
The committee is grateful for the support of assigned staff members as we continue to bring the symposium to life. These include Joan Frey, secretary; Laurie Lindauer, Collaborative Communications; Jake Zojonc, Information Technology; and Mary Lennon, Finance.

Provincial Councils will determine participants from their respective provinces. At the appropriate time, participants will be informed of the registration process.

Next on the committee’s agenda is the determination of the location of the symposium . We will be working with Nix Conference and Meeting Management Associates to find a site that meets our meeting needs and supports our values. An announcement of the location will be made as soon as a decision is made.

In the meantime, we encourage you to participate in the symposium process as much as your circumstances allow; we will keep you informed of all the possibilities to do so.   

Trinity Symposium Committee
Front Row left to right: Danielle Witt, Patricia Murphy, Lynne Schmidt, Margarida Da Silva, Charlene Zeisset

Back Row left to right: Claire Marie Czerwiec, Rose Rita Huelsmann, Joan Frey, Mary Kerber, Barbara Valuckas, Petronella Muteshi
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