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COVID-19: what NJNLA is doing for you

The New Jersey Nursery & Landscape Association has been in contact with the County of Bergen and the New Jersey Department of Agriculture to clarify and/or advocate for the nursery/landscape industry. In a letter to the New Jersey Secretary of Agriculture, NJNLA has written:

..." in light of the Executive Order issued by the County of Bergen and the possibility that orders such as this can occur throughout the state, I am seeking the support of the Department of Agriculture in helping the nursery & landscape industry.  As spring is the most important time of year for the nursery/landscape industry, there is concern that orders such as the one being considered in Bergen County can have serious consequences for us. Some of the concerns include the ability to make/accept deliveries of plant material (from both outside of the state and within), the ability to have adequate staffing to care for perishable plant material, and our request that the landscape industry exempted from the Executive Order, just like other essential services have been given an exemption. We also support the idea of allowing garden center/farm markets to remain open as a healthy food source for the public, allowing the public access while still keeping within “social distancing” suggestions. 
I am attaching, for your information, a letter written by the National Association of Landscape Professionals that provides language to support allowing landscapers to continue to work. We are also attaching a letter urging the exemption of retail garden centers, written as a result of a collaboration among a group of us that share concern over how our industry businesses could be impacted, perhaps even irreparably, by events unfolding or anticipated at the local or state level.
Please consider this request, and please let me know how the NJNLA can help."

The links below are letters that we've provided in support of the landscape industry and retail garden centers.

Feel free to share these letters with your representatives.

Click HERE to download NALP letter supporting the landscape industry.
Click HERE to download letter supporting the retail garden center.
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