Introduced by State Board Member Brendan Shea

A resolution to support parents, schools, and districts

in rejecting harmful, coercive, and burdensome

gender identity policies

On Tuesday, September 20th Ohio State Board of Education member Brendan Shea introduced his resolution in opposition to Biden's Title IX changes that would put children in harms way.

Recently, the Biden Administration, through the Department of Education, has proposed new rules to Title IX. Biden’s rules are similar to Obama’s in 2016, to place biological boys/men in the restrooms and locker rooms of girls and women (but far more over-reaching). 


State Board of Education member Brendan Shea has proposed a resolution in opposition to Biden’s Department of Education. Download here.


John Stover, President of Ohio Value Voters states: “State Board member Brendan Shea is to be commended for the introduction of this resolution and his powerful testimony against Biden’s reckless attacked on Title IX.” 


Thank you for your prayers and support.


John Stover, President

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