UPDATE: Gmail Outage Affecting Users in Paragon
We are happy to report that the erroneous opt-outs of users and their clients, caused by the Gmail outage on Tuesday, have been resolved. The Black Knight team worked late into the night to first identify and then correct any instances of this issue for any affected user or client.

While Paragon is confident this corrected the issue for users, we suggest agents review their active contacts and their notifications to ensure all clients are working as they intend.

If Gmail or other common email providers continue to have issues this will likely precipitate additional opt-outs within Paragon, but the team will continue to monitor the situation.

In addition, we have had some reports of users being unable to utilize the email modal windows within Paragon. This is likely due to an update to the Rich Text Editor made in the 5.80 release. Users simply need to clear the browser cache on their device to resolve the issue. You can find instructions on how to clear your cache here.