Attached you will find the newest order from Governor Polis. 

The reality is yes we have spread of COVID-19 and taking regular precautions just makes sense. However essential services and day to day activities are NOT being curtailed completely nor should they be. You can even walk your dog. Essential services that are allowed under this order is very broad and family can be attended to, grocery shopping, medical requirements, infrastructure work on roads and bridges, agriculture and much more will continue as planned or needed.

We live in a society of risk. Driving your car riding your bike bring inherent risk. The Flu virus has taken many more lives than COVID-19 but we must still take it very seriously and yes there will be medications and a vaccine available in the near future. The fear of the unknown is powerful and is driving much of the concern but will pass with time and more scientific results will calm nerves.

Let me be clear, I am not happy with this order it is a shotgun approach to a surgical problem from what our county's data is indicating but I do think that public gatherings needed to be curtailed again since data was not clear on the potential spread. We are rural Colorado and our circumstances are much different than Denver and I'm advocating with the Governor to use a measured approach going forward, time will tell. 

Stay safe and contact me anytime with questions or concerns.

Senator Ray Scott