June 30th, 2022

I wanted to give you an update on what has transpired at our office over the last few days following the overturning of Roe. As many of you are aware, over 40 pro-life organizations have been the targets of pro-abortion vandalism, intimidation, and/or violence over the last few months. Last Friday evening, Right to Life of Northeast Ohio joined that list.

On June 24th, just before 9 PM, a group of pro-abortion protestors gathered around Right to Life of Northeast Ohio's offices and placed signs around our door. They also rang our doorbell (which we thankfully had just upgraded to a Ring video doorbell device) and hung a coat hanger on our door.
Thankfully, neither I nor any of the RTL NEO team was present when this occurred, but we did watch it unfold in real time through our security system. The pro-abortion activists presumably knew this, as one gave us the middle finger into our camera before leaving the scene.

Please pray for us. Although this pro-abortion action thankfully didn't escalate into violence, we are very aware that might not always be the case.

In moments like these, it's really important to be clear about why we are here and what we are about. No matter what, we refuse to be intimidated. Right to Life of Northeast Ohio is completely committed to supporting women and saving babies. We have dedicated our lives to speaking up on behalf of the voiceless, and we will not let our own voices to be silenced by vandalism, intimidation, or, God forbid, violent threats.
The bottom line is, our office was vandalized only hours after the Supreme Court struck down Roe v. Wade. With Roe now confined to the ash-heap of history, the pro-abortion side has taken off the gloves. We shouldn't expect that an ideology which flippantly disregards life inside of the womb, will respect it outside the womb.

Going forward, it is imperative for the pro-life movement to remain fearless. The battle for life in our community is only beginning, and we must not falter. This life and death struggle, so long waged on the national level, has now been handed back to individual states, and ultimately, to our own communities.
It is time for us to step up in faith and in fearlessness. As people of faith, we can be emboldened by the knowledge that our cause is just and that God is on our side. In this spiritual battle, we are not defenseless nor should be feel that we are. I am reminded of David's words in Psalm 34, which he wrote when he was in danger of his life:

"The angel of the Lord encamps
around those who fear him, and delivers them."
-Psalm 34:7

We are living through a time where being pro-life will most likely cost us something. Our friends, social status, jobs, and even our physical safety may be challenged. But what we are fighting for is worth risking everything for. Even though Ohio's Heartbeat Bill which we are hopeful will withstand the legal challenges that the ACLU has leveled against it Post-Roe, innocent babies are still being violently killed in our community. The abortion facility is still open. Families are still being broken. Women are still being horribly wounded by abortion.

We must be bold in this fight, and we can be knowing that God is protecting us in ways we might not even be able to comprehend.

Friend, our weekly prayer meeting will be happening at The Chapel in Akron this evening at 7 PM and I would be so blessed if you could join me. With so much ahead of us, now is the time to pray. For more information about the prayer meeting such as where to park, click here.

I can't thank you all enough for your support of Right to Life of Northeast Ohio and for all of the ways that you stand for life in our community everyday. You guys are a huge encouragement to us. Truly, God is so good.

We are going to end abortion, and no power of hell can stop us.
For Life,
Allie Frazier
Executive Director
Right to Life of Northeast Ohio is very excited to
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Join Right to Life of Northeast Ohio, along with CCV, Ohio Right to Life, and countless other pro-life organizations from across Ohio for the 2022 state-wide March for Life on October 5th in Columbus, Ohio!

We are very excited to be a sponsoring organization for this groundbreaking event and will announce additional updates (including buses from our area which will be headed down to Columbus!) in the near future.

Until then, click the below link for more information and to register to attend!
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