Good Morning EID Board - A couple of quick updates this morning. Please let me know if you have any questions or require anything additional.

~ Jaime

Town of Plainfield N&S Merge :

The Town of Plainfield attorney is actively working on the Ordinance that will allow the North and South EIDs to merge. Signed copies of land owner petitions were requested of K&A and provided. No timeline was given but the movement is worth noting.

Commute by Enterprise (formerly Ride-Share by Enterprise) :

While conducting EID "check-in" meetings with the TL Pilot companies(ongoing), We learned of a van-pooling program offered by Enterprise. Essentially, Enterprise is offering low-cost (CIRTA subsidized) leases of vans to geographically clustered employees of a company.

The program could go a long way toward supplementing current bus service by addressing several of the common concerns associated with the Commuter Connect program.

With the Board's permission, we'd like to invite Enterprise to present their program at our next BOD meeting July 24th.

Links to a few short videos and a marketing pdf are available below.

Next EID BOD Meeting :

Our next BOD meeting is tentatively scheduled for July 24th at 11AM. Periodic updates will be provided as information regarding the merger ordinance and town council meetings becomes available.