July 28, 2016

Contact: Jessica Beemer (832) 393-3008

Royal Forest Traffic Study
Houston, TX - After careful consideration, reviewing feedback from the communit y and analyzing intersection data , Council Member Dave Martin has asked Public Works and Engineering to end the study at Royal Forest Drive and Kingwood Drive. As a result the traffic signal located at this intersection will not be turned off and will continue to function as normal.
Martin looked over the data again with Public Works and Engineering representatives late yesterday and while it would be beneficial and improve mobility, the minimal improvements would not counter any accidents that could be caused by the changes to the intersection. Presently the signal gives Kingwood Drive traffic through access for a vast majority of the signal cycle, while allowing for safe passage to Kingwood Drive from the north and south entries off of Royal Forest Drive. Erring on the side of safety, Martin will continue to focus on future projects that would improve mobility along Kingwood Drive.
As many residents are aware, a comprehensive mobility study has recommended North Park and Kingwood Drive to be widened from four lanes to six lanes to accommodate the rising population within our community. Additionally the study suggested a grade separation over the railroad tracks on both major thoroughfares to keep through traffic moving without interruption of trains or traffic signals. While the immediate focus is making improvements to North Park Drive, Martin will continue to inquire about possible solutions that could alleviate congestion on Kingwood Drive. The full comprehensive mobility study can be found on Martin's website.
Traffic movements will remain unchanged and traffic will continue to proceed through the intersection of Royal Forest and Kingwood Drive with the assistance of the current traffic signal. All study notification signage will be removed from the area by the end of this week. 
Martin made the following statement regarding the study, "I would like to thank everyone who provided feedback to our office as this was a significant undertaking by our staff. My number one priority with this study was to ensure public safety while addressing mobility improvements, and my conclusion when the data was analyzed was the safety of our residents would be compromised, and quite frankly I could not live with myself if an accident occurred due to this project. I hope everyone understands. God Bless."
For more information, please contact the District E office at (832) 393-3008 or via email at .