An important message to employers from local healthcare professionals:

Area hospitals are receiving calls and in-person requests to test individuals for occupational health purposes.

Simply put, area employers are requesting employees who have travelled and/or been sick to provide doctors notes or COVID-19 test results clearing them as healthy.

These requests are not feasible- there are clear CDC guidelines for testing eligibility, and limited tests in Maine. Please note that these Employer-initiated requests are not able to be met at this time, and are placing undue strain on our medical facilities.

Please review the quote from CMHC, below, and seek other means of ensuring the safety of staff, clients, and the public. We recognize and commend you for being part of the solution- thank you. Please refer to the CDC's Guidance for Businesses and Employers for more strategies.
"Hospitals and providers cannot provide employment-related coronavirus testing. We are truly committed to the health and safety of our communities and as such, we must follow the protocols that allow us to effectively diminish the spread of this disease. Thank you for considering this request. It is heartening to see our communities pulling together in this evolving situation.'
Kate Carlisle
Director of Public Relations and Community Affairs
Central Maine Healthcare