To our clients and friends
We promise the most up to date info. Treasury and SBA just released sample applications as well as some guidelines. Please visit our website or the SBA website, COVID response section, payroll protection program section to access this information. 
We are just now reviewing. 
Please give us 48 hours to digest and work with ADP to make sure we are ready to go. 
Please do not fill out the application, it is not final. Furthermore, anyone we do payroll for, we will likely prepare the application and submit to your lending institution direct and we get to bill the bank for doing so. This does not cost you anything. 

Agents who have not submitted their tax documents please send us the following from 12/31/19, RIZPB004 & RIZPB00S. Any agents we have completed returns for, no need to send. 

We have a lot of clients who will be requesting help with this, so please be patient, contrary to popular belief this isn't a first come, first serve if the well runs dry the rest are hung out to dry. 

We are attempting to put our own streamline process in place to help you. 

Thank you. 


Eric Hjerpe, CPA 

Managing Partner

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