UPDATE from President Nogueiro
June 8, 2020

This is going to be a very short update because we have not seen or reviewed the new directives yet. However, we know there is a new directive that is currently being reviewed by the city attorney and it will be released soon. Until the new directive is issued, the current directive, 2020-09b, is still the order that dentistry is working under.
We have been having good conversations with Dr. Aragon throughout this process, as he has asked for our input and we responded. He is very aware of dentistry’s challenges with testing, as currently mandated, and informed me that the wording will change from requiring testing to strongly recommending testing, and that dentists will decide what is urgent and emergent care. We will continue to collaborate with the SFDPH and Dr. Aragon to ensure that dentistry is at the table when decisions are being made about how dentistry is practiced in San Francisco.
We are also making headway on getting PPE provided to dentists in San Francisco and we should have more information on this in the days ahead. As soon as we get the new directive, or more details of our progress, we will inform you ASAP. 

Again, t hank you for your continued support. 
President Nogueiro
Carlos Nogueiro, DDS
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