Panther families, 

Because of changing protocols and the final number of students returning to the hybrid model, PVPHS is excited to announce that starting April 19 we will be able to bring ALL Hybrid students back to campus for 4 FULL DAYS of instruction each week. Hybrid students (both Hybrid 1 and Hybrid 2) will return to campus for in-person instruction on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for their entire schedule (including zero period) with Wednesdays continuing online for all students. As a result of this opportunity to expand time on campus, the original return to campus date of Monday, April 12 will be pushed back one week to Monday, April 19.

The protocols that will be followed and allow us to reopen with both Hybrid groups on campus at the same time can be found here: Reopening Protocols K1-2 Schools Appendix T1 (4/5/2021). Notably, the social distancing requirement was reduced from 6 feet to 3 feet. All students will still need to complete the Covid Screening (“Green Screen”) before entering campus each day which can be found HERE or on the main page of our website under Panther Picks HERE.  
Click HERE for a short informational video about our schedule and the return to campus procedures.  

PVPHS administration will be hosting another Student and Parent Informational Webinar on Thursday (4/15) at 5:00 pm to review the new plan and answer any questions. Click HERE for a link to the webinar.

Because we no longer need to transition between Hybrid groups, the bell schedule will remain the same as it is currently FOR ALL STUDENTS (Hybrid AND DLA). We will not be changing to the previously proposed “hybrid” schedule. 

  • If based on this new information, you would like your student to change programs (Hybrid/DLA) fill out THIS form 
  • Please note that our ability to come back for 4 full days was based on the number of families that requested to remain Hybrid. As such, our ability to accommodate program changes will be based on space availability and may not be able to be accommodated if there is a need for period or teacher changes. Therefore, program change requests will be evaluated based on space and processed in the order the request was submitted. If a change can be made, families will be notified after the first week of in-person instruction.  
  • If your student is sick or you suspect that they or anyone in your household has been exposed to Covid-19, they need to stay home. Staff have plans in place to continue online instruction for any student who needs to remain home. 
  • If you have questions about whether you should bring your student to campus, you can always reach out to our school nurse, Mrs. Keller (   
As a father of three myself, I recognize that the ever-changing plan for our return to campus can be confusing and even frustrating. My hope would be that as a community we can put our frustrations aside and instead embrace the excitement of us all moving towards “normal.”  Our transition back to “normal” will continue to be filled with change but I can guarantee that every member of the PVPHS faculty and staff will continue to work hard and is looking forward to seeing more students back on the Peninsula High campus.   

As always, thank you for your ongoing support and understanding, a significant reason for the success of PVPHS is due to the commitment to education from our entire community. We look forward to continuing to work together for the betterment of our students. 

Another memo will be sent out next Wednesday (4/14) with additional information. Please watch THIS VIDEO and/or attend the Informational WEBINAR on Thursday, 4/15.
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