Mountains & Music

Winter 2021 Weekend Update

Dear Mountains and Music Folks,

Though last weekend was beautiful, it was hard not to feel an ache from the loss of our beloved fall weekend at Pinkham Notch. The weather would have rivaled that of a couple of years ago when we had more snow and cold temperatures in October than we did in February. Some would have relished hiking in the brisk air, loving the foreshadowing of winter, whilst others would have used the cold as an excuse for making more chamber music, singing their hearts out, or drinking hot chocolate while catching up with old friends. 

We are sure it comes as no surprise to you that we have to cancel the winter weekend in February. Unfortunately, it is still unsafe for groups to sing and play music together, not to mention living and eating in close quarters. Recognizing the current reality, the AMC is limiting any activities to groups of ten participants, including trip leaders. Joe Dodge Lodge, currently open only on weekends, is being run as a Bed & Breakfast - serving no dinners. 

These AMC restrictions remain in effect until Labor Day and will be revisited sometime next spring. We hope that changes in the course of the pandemic allow us to gather a year from now to joyfully make music together again.

In the meantime, we hope that you have, and continue to find ways to feed your hunger for music. Our woodwind quintet – made up of people who met at Mountains and Music - has met a few times outdoors and socially distanced. It filled a much-needed balm for the soul and reminded us that there is reason to continue to practice our instruments. If you have found ways to connect with other musicians, please share them with us.

Pencil in the weekend of October 15 -17, 2021 for the Mountains and Music weekend at Joe Dodge Lodge. We’ll be in touch in the spring, when, hopefully, we can erase the pencil marks and rewrite the occasion in indelible ink.

Emily Wrubel & Martha Beesley
Mountains and Music Committee