Recreational Classes 2024 - Band App Information

WDC will be using the BAND app for our 2023-2024 recreational classes starting in January. This app is FREE to all users.

  • Online videos will be posted on the Band App starting in late January or February to help with at home practice of recital routines. We will also use this app to communicate with dancers and parents regarding class material. 

  • It is important that you download the app and join the group by using the link or QR code below so that you can access class content and receive class information and notifications.

  • BAND groups have been broken down based on recital/showcase routine(s) for each class. Please see the class days/times listed below each BAND group to be sure you are joining the correct group. If you previously joined the general "WDC Recreational Class" BAND, you will want to also join the BAND group(s) for your dancer's class(es) below.

  • When creating your profile in BAND, please be sure to include last name or last initial. This will help us when sending separate messages to each class within BAND.

  • You will be prompted to enter your child's full name so that we can ensure you are signing up for the correct BAND group for your child's class(es).

*IMPORTANT - If your dancer was a WDC student last season, you will need to join the new BAND group for their class(es) using the link(s) below. Last year's BAND groups will not be used this season.

What is BAND?

BAND is a free group communication app. The groups we created are an invite-only group that no one else can join. We’ll be able to communicate privately and share files, forms, and videos and photos for all of our recreational classes.

Even if you don’t have a smartphone, you can access BAND from your PC at 

*IMPORTANT: You MUST use the link or QR code below to join the group.

  • Smartphone: Scan the QR code below to download the app or click on the link. You will be asked to create an account and will be asked to accept the invite to our BAND group.

  • PC: Before going to the website, please be sure to click on the link or copy/paste in the invite link below to your chrome, safari, or other internet browsers. You won’t be able to join the group unless you use this invite link. In case you’ve already created a BAND account, simply click the link or copy & paste the link to your browser.

Please be sure to download the app, join the group(s), and keep your notification on.

Tots Group A

Monday 6:05

Tuesday 4:30

Wednesday 6:20

Saturday 9:00

Tots Group B

Monday 5:15

Wednesday 4:30

Friday 10:20

Tots Group C

Tuesday 10:35

Wednesday 9:45

Thursday 10:00

Thursday 5:45

Preschool 1 A

Monday 6:45

Tuesday 4:20

Wednesday 5:05

Thursday 10:30

Thursday 6:15

Friday 9:30

Preschool 1 B

Monday 4:15

Tuesday 9:45

Wednesday 10:20

Wednesday 6:40

Thursday 5:00

Saturday 9:35

Preschool 2

Monday 4:25

Monday 5:05

Tuesday 6:05

Wednesday 4:20

Thursday 9:30

Saturday 10:25

Kinder/1st Gr A

Monday 5:50

Tuesday 5:05

Wednesday 5:05

Thursday 5:15

Saturday 11:20

Kinder/1st Gr B

Monday 4:20

Tuesday 6:05

Wednesday 4:40

Thursday 6:20

1st-3rd Gr Beg/Int Tap/Jazz

Monday 5:15

Monday 6:50

Tuesday 5:00

Wednesday 4:20

Wednesday 5:40

Wednesday 6:05

Thursday 4:20


2nd-3rd Grade Int Tap/Jazz

Tuesday 5:05

Wednesday 6:00

4th-6th Grade Tap/Jazz

Monday 6:50

Wednesday 5:15

Wednesday 7:00

Thursday 7:40

7th-12th Grade Tap/Jazz

Monday 7:45 Tap/Jazz

Tuesday 8:00 Tap

Ballet/Lyrical 2nd-3rd Gr

Monday 5:20

Wednesday 7:00

Thursday 7:15

Preschool Ballet

Thursday 4:25

Hip Hop - Ages 4-6

Monday 6:15

Tuesday 7:00

Wednesday 5:20

Thursday 6:20

Hip Hop 7th-12th Grade

Wednesday 7:40

Thursday 8:40

Lyrical 4th-6th Grade

Monday 7:50

Tuesday 7:35

Wednesday 4:25

Thursday 7:00

Kindergarten Ballet

Monday 6:05

Wednesday 6:50

Hip Hop 1st-3rd Grade

Tuesday 4:20

Tuesday 6:00

Wednesday 5:20

Thursday 6:50

Lyrical 7th-12th Grade

Monday 8:45

Tuesday 8:30

Wednesday 7:40

Boys Classes

Tuesday 5:15

Tuesday 6:05

Tuesday 6:50

Tuesday 7:25

Hip Hop 4th-6th Grade

Tuesday 6:45

Wednesday 4:35

Thursday 8:00