UPDATED - Virtual Graduation May 20-21 
and other Important Information   For Seniors  
May 5, 2020
We are Strong  -   We are Proud  -   We are Big Red
Message from Principal Gorman

Good afternoon everyone - 
Yesterday, local county high schools had a phone conference with the Jefferson County Health Department. We discussed ways of celebrating our seniors and involving the families while keeping safe practices in mind. 
We are still teaming up with WTOV-9 to film and produce a graduation video. The filming dates of our virtual graduation will be May 20 and May 21 in the SHS Gym. 
Based on new guidance provided by local and state health departments, we have created a revised approach to Commencement that allows for up to four family members to be present to watch their son/daughter walk across the stage and receive their diploma. Only one family of four is permitted in the gym at a time. Once that family leaves, the next family will enter. Families have to wait in their vehicles until it is their turn.

Police will be present in the parking lot for added security. We ask that students and their families not congregate outside the school before, during or after the event, in accordance with the state mandate limiting group size.    
Your scheduled day and time is available when all fees are paid. 
We know this is a disappointment for our seniors and their families. We share your sadness and thank you for your cooperation as we remain committed to holding this ceremony in the safest way possible while making it memorable for our graduates.  

Thank you for your constant support, and as always...   GO BIG RED!

If you would like to contact me, my e-mail address is   tgorman@rollred. net  . You can also reach me by phone at Steubenville High School, (740) 282-9741 ext. 1105.
Virtual Graduation
Virtual Graduation May 20-21 

Every area school, has teamed up with WTOV-9 to film and produce a graduation video. We are filming our virtual graduation on May 20 and May 21 in the SHS Gym. 

We will notify students of their day and time after fees are paid.

Security will be enforced.

Newbrough’s photo will be there taking pictures. Picture packets will be available to purchase.

Newbrough’s photo packet (Newbrough photo envelope, are also, available at SHS) .
A Few Reminders  

  • After all fees are paid, Seniors can go the high school to pick-up the following items:
  • Day and time when they have to arrive for the virtual graduation.
  • Caps
  • Gowns 
  • Newbrough Picture envelopes
  • WTOV-9 permission slip (WTOV-9 permission slip)

  • Appropriate Dress for Graduation  
  • Boys should wear dress shirts, ties, dark dress shoes, long or dark dress pants (No shorts, No Jeans). 
  • Girls should wear dresses and appropriate dress shoes or sandals. 
  • No Cap decorations permitted 
  • We are not having a graduation practice
  • They will not be receiving their diploma during the virtual graduation. 
  • We are going to mail them at the end of the school year. 
  • Senior t-shirts are going to be passed out after they complete their virtual graduation.
Senior Fees Information
Senior Class Fees - $120 

All senior fees are due if you have not paid them. You cannot participate if you do not pay your fees. We will only accept cash or credit cards. Call Mrs. Bauman if you want to pay over the phone or need to know your amount (740) 282-9741 ext. 1105

After all fees are paid, Seniors can go to the high school to pick-up caps, gowns ,  picture envelopes after all senior’s fees are paid in full. 
Capstone Project & Other School Work
Completing Assignments and Capstone Projects  

Students with incomplete online work MUST complete it successfully (with a passing grade) to participate in graduation and receive their diploma. 

Students MUST complete their Senior Capstone Project reflection page and submit it to their homeroom teacher prior to graduation. 

Regarding the Senior Capstone Project. The hour logs and reflection pages are the only items that are mandatory for you to complete your project at this time. 

Senior Capstone Project Homeroom (Project Reflection Page Requirement)
  • One Page, double-spaced summary (2 -3 paragraphs) including the following:
  • Describe the service learning project
  • Summarize the experience.
  • Explain what was learned and how these skills can be applied to the future.
  • The student must clearly communicate all these points with proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation to receive full credit for this portion of the project.

If you have not turned these in to your homeroom teacher yet, please complete them and email them to your homeroom teacher by May 1st. If you cannot scan them, please take a picture and email the photo instead. These items are a graduation requirement and are mandatory to receive your high school diploma. Please contact the guidance office if you have any questions.
We will get through this
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