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 November 2018

Sprucing Up Breton!  

A major renovation is underway at Azpira Place of Breton. Private apartment homes and common areas are getting fresh paint, new flooring and modern fixtures. Plus, a wellness center is being built to better meet residents' needs. The community's fresh, new look will reflect the inner beauty of those who live and work at Azpira Place. 

Sipping Saudi Arabian
Spiked Coffee is Risky! 

Azpira Place of Breton's World Tour armchair travelers learned a valuable lesson about Saudi Arabian culture. While eating a traditional meal, many diners enjoyed drinking spiked ice coffee, a popular but outlawed beverage. The rebellious residents paid the price when Officer Nancy (AKA the Wellness Manager) attempted to "arrest" them. It's a lesson they won't soon forget!      

Been to the Bean , Check  

When Laurie shared that visiting the Bean, Chicago's famous symbol called Cloud Gate , was on her bucket list, Azpira Place of Lake Zurich made it happen. The VIVA! Legacy
program inspires residents to share their wishes -- both practical and fun -- and then grants them whenever possible. 

Join the  Secret Handshake  Club

If you know the secret handshake, do you get more pastries? Just ask Lori, Azpira Place of Lake Zurich's bistro host and resident  Stephanie, who have the handshake down pat. 



Ask #PathwayPeople

Memory Care Manager Bianca Miller from Heartis Village of Orland Park gives good advice about what to look for when searching for a memory care community in the video. 


Breast Cancer Support
is a Click Away

Dealing with breast cancer is difficult at any age but being diagnosed at an older age comes with its own special set of concerns. Senior women often don't have the same network of support as they did when they were younger.  Yet, the power of support can make treatment more successful and certainly more manageable. 

Learn why and how to access online breast cancer support in our blog. 

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