COVID-19 and

Kayla Stomack, DVM
edits by Amanda Morris, LVT

With all the news stories coming out about COVID-19 there are a few important points that we pet owners need to keep in mind. I think the most important is that experts have found that our pets cannot spread COVID-19 to other animals or to people. There is no reason to get rid of your animal! Just like us though you need to be prepared. Many veterinary clinics are not doing routine wellness, nail trims, etc., and are only seeing urgent care or emergency cases at this time in order to conserve equipment and to help with social distancing. Some clinics, depending on the area are even closed. Please make sure that you have enough of your pet’s prescription if they are currently taking something and that you know where the closest emergency is if you need them. Unless you are experiencing a medical emergency with your furry friend please try to avoid needless visits to the ER and stay home and get in extra snuggle time.