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  Newsletter Issue: Vol 6 Issue 3
March 2017 
business_technologies.jpg Investment Bubble
I 've been asked if we're in an investment bubble.  Markets are an extension of people and we tend to get very excited about things. You name it, we get excited and prices go up. Then they go back down again to somewhere near where they belong. 
Kristin Rodriguez    
In This Issue
laptop-couple.jpg The Advantages to Health Savings Accounts
Do you know what these are? Why do people open up Health Savings Accounts in conjunction with high-deductible health insurance plans? Here are some compelling reasons why younger, healthier employees decide to have HSAs.
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February Quote
"The only things worth learning are the things you learn after you know it all."

~ Harry Truman
Monthly Economic Update
February was a great month for stocks and a historic month for the Dow Jones Industrial Average. The blue chips closed at record highs for 12 straight trading sessions, a feat unmatched for 30 years. Some analysts look at the current rally in terms of irrational exuberance, while others wonder if the next phase of a historic mega-bull might be unfolding.

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