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Your Style: From 
the Inside Out, 
February 10, 2018


Dining for Women, 
March 3, 2018


March 7, 2018


Signature Program:
On Resilience

March 17, 2018


Women House, 
March 28, 2018


Conversation Series: Increasing Personal Resilience
Thursday evenings March 29; April 5, 12, 19, 26; May 3, 10

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From the Leadership Committee

Dear TTN Members and Friends,

In their fascinating book  Well Being: The Five Essential Elements, Tom Rath and Jim Harter draw on current research and find that there are five categories of well-being that together provide
us with a true sense of happiness, namely: career, social, financial, physical and community well-being.  

When we thrive in these five areas, the authors note, we reach a high level of personal satisfaction. Each area has its challenges, requiring some degree of attention and accountability. Tending to our overall well being is made easier by looking at our progress in each area; it is with this research in mind that TTN-DC is offering programs for women in transition that also address these pillars of well-being.

Our first programs are designed to focus on a few of these. On February 10,  Transitioning your Style: From the inside out touches on our  career and  physical satisfaction by showing us how to look as good as we feel when we are at our most authentic self. We will also address the  community at our event by talking about what we can do to reduce the footprint we make on the environment as we purchase our wardrobe. On March 3, our Dining for Women organizational meeting ties to the  community pillar, and we are planning a  financial panel program to come later in the spring. Of course, everything we do strikes the  social chord. Simply connecting and learning together creates strong  social networks among us.

We hope you have had a grand start to your year, and we look forward to nurturing our well-being together and seeing you soon at a TTN-DC event!

All best wishes,

Barbara Beizer
Peggy Conner
Rebecca De Los Rios
Debbie Eshelman
Amy Kotkin
Jaleh Moslehi
Nancy Reller
Monica Schaeffer

P.S.  Are you interested in joining the Leadership group?  Let us know!  Contact Barbara Beizer at

Upcoming Events:

Image Consultant Cyndy Porter
Transitioning Your Style: From the
Inside Out
Saturday, February 10
9:30 a.m.-Noon
1411 Laburnum St.  McLean, VA

Do you find yourself wondering - What will I wear? 

Join our lively workshop with image consultant Cyndy Porter who knows how to match your internal transition with an external personal style that reflects your most authentic self.  TTN member Nancy Reller co-facilitates this lively and innovative workshop, which includes a continental breakfast and a copy of Cyndy's new book, Success thru Style.


For details and registration, click  here.

Dining for Women Organizational Meeting

Saturday, March 3
10-11:30 a.m.
3015 Ordway St. NW
Washington, DC

Would you like to be part of a TTN effort to dine together periodically and both learn about and contribute to projects that benefit women and girls worldwide? Then join us to start a TTN chapter of Dining for Women, a global giving circle that funds grassroots organizations empowering women and girls and promoting gender equity. New chapters are easy and fun to start.  Local DFW member Lynn O'Connell with meet with us and teach us how! Coffee and light refreshments will be served. Learn more about Dining for Women at

For details and registration, click  here.


Wednesday, March 7
7-9 p.m.
5607 Cromwell Drive,
Bethesda, MD

The focus of "Re-wiring" is on figuring out "what's next," both opportunities and obstacles as we navigate the years after fifty. Some women are looking for new employment opportunities, some for volunteer opportunities, and some are just exploring. We will agree on a focus for the conversation when we meet. We meet periodically and the people who come are never quite the same.  Some come once, some repeatedly, and others skip a while and then return.  A light dinner is served.

For details and registration, click  here.

Signature Program: On Resilience

Introductory Workshop

Saturday, March 17
9:30 a.m. - 2:30 p.m. (lunch included)

Iona House 
4125 Albemarle St NW
Washington, DC
As we age, change can be more challenging and resilience is a key to our overall well-being.

The good news is that resilience can be learned and significantly enhanced! In this supportive, interactive Introductory Workshop, you'll learn about current resilience research and its relationship with our mind, body and spirit.

Note: You must attend this introductory workshop in order to register for and attend the upcoming Conversation Series.

For details and registration, click  here.

Women House

March 28
11-12 noon
National Museum of Women in the Arts, 1250 New York Ave. NW Washington, DC

Take a private tour of Women House,  a n exhibition of works
by 36 global female artists that
challenges conventional ideas about gender and the domestic space.  The exhibition is inspired by the landmark project Womanhouse , developed in 1972 by  Judy Chicago  and  Miriam Schapiro . With works that disrupted traditional ideas about the home as a feminine realm, Womanhouse  was the first female-centered art installation to appear in the Western world. In the new exhibition,Women House , women artists from the 1960s
to today examine the persistence of stereotypes about the house as a feminine space.

National Museum of Women in the Arts will be held on Wednesday, March 28. Following the one-hour tour, participants may stay to see the museum's permanent collections and join an optional lunch to reflect on the artworks.

For details and registration, click  here.

Save the Date! Conversation Series:
Increasing Personal Resilience

Thursday evenings March 29, April 5, 12, 19, 26, May 3, 10

6:30-9:00 p.m.
4025 Connecticut Ave. NW
Washington, DC
In a series of structured small group conversations, exercises, and assessments, you will discover your how you can expand your repertoire of healthy practices to move beyond the limits of your default behaviors. Each session provides resources and reflections designed to encourage broader and deeper exploration of your resilience potential.

Note: You must attend the introductory workshop in order to register for and attend this Conversation Series.

Registration (for those who attended the March 17 Workshop) will open up on February 20th. For information, click  here.

NEW PROGRAM! Financial Fitness for Women

PLEASE NOTE THIS ADDITION TO THE NEWSLETTER:  TTN-DC is planning a program on Financial Fitness for women in early May. Topics will include  staying invested throughout market cycles, social security, helping family members financially, philanthropy, and the impact of new tax laws. 

If you have expertise in any of these areas and wish to be considered as a panelist,  please e-mail Amy Kotkin at by February 16


Book Groups 

We are looking for members who want to join together form new book groups in DC, VA or MD areas.  If you are interested, please email Barbara Beizer,

Transition Peer Groups (TPG)

Small groups dedicated to monthly meetings of conversations about their transition experiences.  Initial meetings are set up and facilitated by professional TTN member, then become self-generating with structure determined by the group. If you are interested in being in a TPG, email Barbara Beizer at .  Groups form when there are 5 or more members in a geographically convenient area.