Raffi has a new song
and kids' CD!

"Green Dream" - the first single from Raffi's new kids' album Owl Singalong - is now available on  iTunes!  The reggae-flavoured song is a joyous, vibrant anthem for a bright green future. With a horn section, cellos,  and a rousing chorus of kids, "Green Dream" is  a heart-stirring tune. 

" Green Dream is a timely song," says Raffi, who first sang the praises of solar and wind power in  "Big Beautiful Planet" on his 1982 album Rise & Shine . " We're seeing a rapid shift from fossil fuels to green energy technologies. My dream is a bright green  future for all of the world's children, something  all families want."

Owl Singalong  is available for pre-order in October 2, 2015. If you purchase the single " Green Dream " the cost of the single will be deducted from the price  of the full album when it is released  on January 15, 2016.

For more info on " Green Dream" and the 
Owl Singalong album please click here

Sabrina Aven
Centre for Child Honouring