Dear Clients,

As per President Trump's recommendation, Zoee Beauty Bar continues to be temporarily closed. We know this is a difficult time for you as it is for us. We miss you and ask your continued patience while we all do our part to lessen the effects of COVID-19. In the meantime, I know you may be struggling a bit with facial hair, skin issues or product questions, so hopefully this article helps. Feel free to contact me and keep checking my website (above) for new information.
This certificate acknowledges my updated March 2020
Infection Prevention & Control training

I know this is a very difficult time for my regular wax clients.  I miss you too!  So what is one to do with the extra facial hair growth?

ONCOLOGY CLIENTS: Please contact me with any skin care and facial hair concerns. As we discussed, we must care for your skin differently than suggestions here and I am happy to email/call you.

BROWS  DO go ahead and tweeze  around  them.  Do NOT go into the arch and please do NOT try to wax them.  I will get your brows back to their sculpted shape when we return! You may be tempted to pluck a grey hair in the middle of your brows but do NOT because a message is then sent to that grey hair follicle telling it not to produce a hair in this area which can lead to a bald spot.  My secret for that occasional grey hair is to dab off mascara on a tissue and use a touch of it on that hair. See my note in Tinting section too!
LIP/CHIN  – If you must, DO go ahead and tweeze those occasional hairs.  This is a hormone area so hairs tend to grow differently here. So DON'T overdo it and DO make sure your tweezers are clean to avoid infection as noted below. Know though that tweezing to pluck out chin hairs can cause the skin underneath to be irritated and cause ingrown hairs.
NOSE HAIRS – Our nose hairs filter out the bad germs we breathe in every day. So right now is an important time to keep them intact. If they are peeking out of the nose, DO go ahead and trim any extending hairs with sanitized rounded metal nose trimmer scissors, cleaning them in same way at home as I suggested for tweezers. But please do NOT tweeze or wax them.
Cleaning Tweezers DO wash your tweezers with warm, soapy water for at least 20 seconds before using them. DO the same afterwards, dry, and store them in a closed, dry container.  I also like to use a bit of Rubbing Alcohol on them after washing to help disinfect. Always wash your face first with cleanser and warm water before tweezing!
Shaving – Shaving facial hairs may seem like a good, fast solution but please do NOT.  Shaving creates blunt edges that can make the hair appear thicker.  They can also cause you to have a stubble look.
Depilatory Creams - Careful with these. These use chemicals to weaken the hair follicles which allows you to wipe the hair away from your skin.  Sensitive skins may not be able to handle some of the harsh chemicals.  Also, if using professional serums and other home products, they may not mix well and cause a reaction.
At-Home Waxing - With at-home waxing, you have to be extra cautious and I say to leave it up to the professional. There is the potential for infection, burns and abrasions, as well as transmitting viral and bacterial infections. This is not a time we want to compromise the skin, especially on our face.  Stores are unable to sell professional wax with ingredients like the ones I use in the salon. I also take a lot of precautions with your skin before and after the waxing as well as use an educated method of the removal process.  As I always advise, certain topical ingredients could cause your skin to lift during waxing, like acne products, retinol, prescription Retin-A, steroids, certain exfoliants, and an Accutane history.  Even store-bought waxes “made for sensitive skin” are not made for these conditions.

If you are accustomed to eyebrow tinting, DO pull out your Osmosis eyebrow gel or pencil and use that. Eyebrow powder or eyeshadow will also temporarily provide some cover. If you just have a stray grey brow hair or two, tap off most of the mascara onto a tissue and tap a bit onto those stray greys!  No one will ever know the difference!

I know you may be missing your eyelash tinting too. For the time being, DO use only mascara for those eyelashes.

Please do NOT attempt to tint your own eyelashes and eyebrows.  You can cause serious injury if you get the dye in your eyes.  Again, over the counter ingredients do not compare with my professional salon products.   

I know the temporary closing of the salon is an inconvenience, but I ask your continued patience.  If you are concerned about facial hair issues or any skin or product issues, feel free to email me!   I know your skin and may have a solution for you!

Sending you much love, well wishes, and positive energy!