Official Race Handbook
Portland, Maine, Saturday June 22nd, 2019
Weather Forecast
Please check the latest weather forecast for race day.
Dynamic Bib Number Assignment
You will be assigned a bib number when you arrive at one of the designated registration bib pickup times. We are no longer pre-assigning everyone a bib number.
Participant Lookup
If you registered more than one person with the same email address you can confirm their registration through the following participant lookup.
Time Limits
All half marathon runners must reach the first cut-off point at Mile 4 within one hour after the race starts. All runners must reach the second cut-off point at Mile 12 within three hours after the race starts. This rule will be strictly enforced by our tail sweep. A shuttle back to the start area will be provided at each cutoff location.
Walkers In The 5K
Walking is permitted in the 5K only. Since the Police are eager to reopen the roads to traffic as soon as possible we ask that all walkers in the 5K stay on the left sidewalk and use the crosswalks at traffic lights. At traffic lights please obey the crossing signals and stop if there is cross-traffic.
Switching From Half To 5K
You may switch from the half marathon race to the 5K race. Simply log into your account on, click on Manage Registration, and then Transfer Event.
No Transfers or Deferrals To 2020
The deadline to defer your registration to the 2020 race has passed. The deadline to transfer to another race has also passed. Besides switching to the 5K, the only remaining option would be to transfer your bib to another person. This option ends at midnight on Friday 6/21. See our FAQ for more information.
FREE Mobile App with live tracking
Share your race experience with friends and family! Download the RaceJoy app and then share it with all your friends and family.  Carry your phone while running so they can track your progress LIVE and send you cheers.

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Cross Insurance Arena 2nd Floor corner of Spring St and Center St

Path To Start Line
Follow the orange cones along the sidewalk from the arena to the start.

Fore St and Union St

Finish Line Both Races
Fore St and Exchange St

1 Portland Square Parking

Patton Ct off of half marathon start chute. In food and beer garden.

Friday 6/21
  • 2:00 PM Exposition and Bib number pickup opens
  • 8:00 PM Exposition and Bib number pickup closes

Saturday 6/22
  • 5:30 AM Bib number pickup opens
  • 6:20 AM Warm-up in the Sodexo Food & Beer Garden hosted by The Bar Method
  • 7:00 AM Half Marathon Race Start
  • 7:15 AM 5K Race Start
  • 8:00 AM Time limit cutoff at Mile 4 (half marathon)
  • 8:30 AM Sodexo Food & Beer Garden opens
  • 8:45 AM Awards ceremony for top place finishers
  • 9:00 PM Performance by band Motor Booty Affair on stage
  • 10:00 AM Time limit cutoff at Mile 12 (half marathon)
  • 12:30 PM Beer Gardens close
Registration Bib Number Pickup
Please plan to pick up your bib and race shirt on Friday 6/21. You may pickup bibs for other people. No ID is required. If you purchased a commemorative hat or mug they will be available at registration bib number pickup. Unclaimed items will be forfeited after the race and will not be mailed. A friend may pickup items for those who cannot attend. We will have a limited number of each item for sale at the merchandise table on Friday and Saturday.
Mobile Lockers Services
If you rented a locker space you may access it at any time from the Mobile Locker truck parked near the start line in the 5K start chute. An attendant will have your name on a list. The truck will not be positioned at the marathon start line.  If you would like to rent a locker now click here.
Bag Drop
If you did not rent a Mobile Locker, you can take advantage of our free bag check.  You will need to fit everything into a one gallon zip lock bag. The bag drop will be located in the same location as the Mobile Lockers near the start line in the 5K start chute.
Please plan to arrive by 6:00 AM to give yourself enough time to find parking and to walk to the start line.  For easy and efficient parking, we suggest that you bring $15.00 cash with you and that you download the RaceJoy app to quickly find directions to any of the following parking lots from your current location.

Half Marathon & 5K Start Chutes
The half marathon start chute will be along Fore St starting at Union Street and going back. The 5K start chute will be along Union St starting at Fore St and going back. A start corral process will be used to facilitate a more efficient and convenient race day experience for all participants in the half marathon. You will see tall signs lined up along the edge of the half marathon start chute with different finish times in HH:MM (i.e. 1:40, 1:50, 2:00 etc.) You will seat yourself inside the stat chute based on your expected finish time. In general the fastest runners will be seeded first in the chute (at Union St) and the slowest runners will be seeded toward the back (at Exchange St).
Pace Groups
Volunteer pace group leaders will be positioned in the half marathon start chute carrying signs with their assigned pace. The group leader's mission is to help runners achieve their personal goals by finishing the half marathon within a certain period of of time. Pacers will be running "even effort" which means that every mile will be run at approximately the same pace. The first mile will be relatively slower because everyone will be bunched together going up Danforth St. Due to varying conditions out on the course we can not guarantee the outcome for each pace group.  There are a total of 6 pace groups available:  1:40 (7:38/mi),  1:50 (8:23/mi),  2:00 (9:09/mi),  2:10 (9:55/mi),  2:20 (10:41/mi),  2:30 (11:27/mi).
Water Stop Locations
Each water stop will offer water and Gatorade Endurance (lemon/lime flavor) to runners.
Half Marathon
Mile 1.6: 22 Carroll St
Mile 4.1: 109 West Commercial St
Mile 5.6:  11 Ocean Gateway Pier
Mile 7.1: Eastern Prom Trail & Sewage Plant Road
Mile 9.1: Back Cove Trail near Vannah Ave  (+ cold wet towels)
Mile 9.8: Back Cove Trail & Preble St (+ cold wet towels)
Mile 11.2: Eastern Promenade at Loring Memorial  (+ cold wet towels)
Mile 12.3: Eastern Promenade at Fort Allen Park (+ cold wet towels)
5K Race
Mile 2.0: 109 West Commercial St
Porta-Potty Locations
Porta-Potties will be located in the Sodexo Food and Beer Garden, at the start/finish chute, and at the following locations on the course.
Half Marathon
Mile 1.6: 22 Carroll St
Mile 4.1: 109 West Commerical St
Mile 7.1: Eastern Prom Trail & Sewage Plant Road
Mile 9.8: Back Cove Trail & Preble St
5K Race
Mile 2.0: 109 West Commercial St

Wet Towels Stations
Due to the possibility of hot temperatures on race day, there will also be a cold wet towel station at the last four water stops. Just prior to the water stop volunteers will hand out cold wet 12" x 12" shop towels to anyone who wants one. Please be sure to throw the towels away in a trash barrel at the water stop and don't throw them on the ground.
Finisher Prizes & Awards
All half marathon and 5K finishers will receive a finisher's medal and bottle of water when they cross the finish line. An awards ceremony for the top place finishers in both races will be held at 8:45 AM on the stage in the Sodexo Food and Beer Garden.  All top-place finishers and age group winners may pickup their awards in the Awards tent next to the stage at any time. Unclaimed awards will not be mailed to people after the race.  Awards will be given to the  Top-3 male and female finishers in each of the following categories: overall, age groups every 5 years, Zeus 1&2, and Athena 1&2. The awards include a custom laser-etched 27 ounce beer mug.
Half Marathon Course Map
Click on map below to view an interactive version.
5K Course Map
Click on map below to view an interactive version.
ID Check and Complimentary Beers
Shipyard Beer
You must present proper identification at bib number pickup to receive your beer garden bracelet, and then you'll need to wear it continuously until after the race.  Every registered runner (21+) wearing their bib and a beer garden bracelet will be eligible to receive two complimentary cans of Shipyard beer (included in entry fee). You can also bring your ID to the beer garden entrance to receive a bracelet. Your bib will include 2 tear-off tags that may be redeemed to receive your c omplimentary  beers in the beer garden. The following beers will be served:
  • Shipyard Finder 16oz
  • Shipyard Summer Ale
  • Shipyard Lager
  • Shipyard Fireberry Tea Brew
  • Shipyard Maui Tea Brew
Post Race Food
We will have a Runners Only Food Tent in the Sodexo Food and Beer Garden where runners must enter from one end and exit out the other. Offerings will include bananas, watermelon, bags of pretzels, packages of cookies,  KIND bars, ice cream and pizza. 
Pizza & Ice Cream
Every registered runner wearing a bib may receive 1 free slice of pizza and 1 serving of ice cream at the Pizza and Ice Cream tents in the Sodexo Beer Garden. Your bib will include 1 tear-off tag that may be redeemed for 1 slice of pizza and 1 serving of ice cream. Options include pepperoni and cheese. 
FREE Race Photos
Thanks to our sponsor -- Strava - professional race photographers will be taking photographs of everyone at multiple locations on the course and at the start and finish lines. Please be sure to wear your bib on the front so that you may be identified in the photographs.  A couple of days after the race we will post on Facebook and send an email to everyone with instructions on how to obtain your free images.
Results will be available through a variety of paperless mediums.
1) Text message sent to those who provided a mobile number 
2) Real-time via our  RaceJoy Mobile App
3) Please visit our Results tent in the Sodexo Food and Beer Garden to lookup your time and place
4) Live results will also be available through our website -  CLICK HERE