Special Message for Cortland Community
March 18, 2020
Together, We Can Do This!
All of our lives have changed in the past two weeks. The situation is unprecedented and is changing rapidly. Indeed, it seems like each plan we make is quickly obsolete as conditions and information are updated. Rest assured that everyone in the Cortland Enlarged City School District, like everyone in our community, is completely committed to the well-being of all. Information may continue to change -- we’ll keep you posted as District plans evolve. 

During these strange times, experts are urging us to maintain as much routine in our days as possible. Some suggestions:
  • Wake-up time shouldn’t slide too late, despite what your daughter or son might prefer.
  • Don’t stay in your PJs all day. Wake up at a certain time, shower, get dressed, etc. 
  • Meals and healthy snacks should happen at the same time, everyday.
  • In addition to completing their assigned school work (see below), schedule time for reading and creativity.
  • Don’t forget to follow the instructions for physical education -- exercise is going to be more important than ever. 
  • Give TV and screen time a specific place in the schedule so that students know they can do those things, but in a structured way so that TV and screen time don’t gobble up the whole day.
Official District Status
Cortland County declared a state of emergency at 4:00 p.m. on March 15, 2020. The District is shifting to distance learning at least until April Break. We are scheduled to return to school after April break (at least for now). Specific directions for how this will work are listed below. Food distribution will occur Monday - Friday (please see below for details). 
Continuing the Learning- From a Distance
During the time of distance learning, we will continue to provide instruction. A portal has been established on the district webpage where all assignments are communicated -- it will be updated each week by the end of the day each Thursday. You can also find information about how to contact teachers and other staff such as counselors and school social workers.

In some cases work will be done online and in other cases packets of printed work will be distributed at each school. Each Monday (except for April 6th which is technically April Break), between the hours of 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., students and families can pick up packages of the printed work materials at the student's school. Materials will be available from the bus loop area of each school -- just pull up in the loop and we will hand materials to you.

Families who request the loan of a laptop or Chromebook will receive it with the package of printed materials. On March 23rd, only, families will also be able to pick up any musical instruments or other belongings that were left at school. Access to the building will be controlled to comply with state guidelines. 

When parents pick up new materials each Monday, they will also be able to drop off the previous week’s work (except during the Spring Break week). 

Specific questions about the pickup of materials can be directed to each school’s office. 

We recognize the significant disruption the COVID-19 situation has on your family and on your child’s routine. It is important to keep in perspective that it is not possible to substitute learning at home for all of the instruction that takes place in the District on a daily basis. However, our faculty and staff have worked collaboratively to provide distance learning opportunities for students during this challenging situation. These learning opportunities are intended to keep students connected to learning while they are not in school. We know that parents are being overwhelmed with “free” or suggested learning sites and resources. We ask that students attend to the distance learning we have identified before engaging in any of these other activities. 

The portal will go “live" at 3 p.m. on Thursday, March 19th.
Other School Services
School counselors, social workers, and other support services will be available on a scheduled basis during the closure. Contact information will be posted at the portal. 
Food Service
Breakfast and lunch will be available for every student, Monday through Friday, at locations across the community from 11 a.m to 1 p.m. Locations include:
  • Barry Primary bus loop
  • Junior Senior High School bus loop
  • McEvoy Campus of OCM BOCES bus loop
  • Randall Middle bus loop
  • Smith Intermediate bus loop
  • Virgil School bus loop
District COVID-19 Webpage
We encourage everyone to frequently visit the special COVID-19 web page where we are collecting information for our educational community. There you will find up-to-date information as well as links to other resources.