July 6th, 2020
Our Savior's @ McCall
Shepherd of the Mountains @ Cascade
Important Announcements and Health/Safety Protocols and Directives
From: Rev. Dr. Robin Dugall, Pastor
To: All the members and friends of Our Savior's @ McCall and Shepherd of the Mountains Church, Cascade, Idaho
Date: Monday, July 6th, 2020
Regarding: Continuing our Worship together in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Friends in Jesus,

Thank you for giving your full attention to this email/letter. These directives and protocols have been developed by the leadership of our congregation for YOU and YOUR safety as we continue to work our way through the COVID-19 crisis. We ask you as lovingly as possible to abide by the directives/protocols that are articulated above.  

I have been so delighted at the participation in worship as we have returned to having LIVE worship experiences in our building since May 31st. We have had averaged roughly 30 people at services in McCall and 15 at Cascade. Thank you all who have attended worship and demonstrated your desire to love others by sharing in our protocols and directives.  In addition to those present at our facilities, we have had 100's of people watching the pre-recorded worship and/or Live Stream of the service from Our Savior's on Sundays at 11am. I continue to encourage ANYONE who chooses NOT to be present at the live services to listen to their own heart, conscience and appropriately monitor their virus "vulnerability." I applaud your caution and support you 100% in your decision!

I promised that we would continue to monitor the infection rate of our county and town daily and continue to seek the advice and counsel from civic and medical leaders.  We are fulfilling that promise and will continue to do so!

Click on the buttons below to see the entire health safety protocol/directives for your congregation.

I would like to remind you, even as we make some alterations in our health safety protocols that we will continue to encourage each other to:

LOVE and ACCEPTANCE and PATIENCE and KINDNESS with each other.

SHARE THE LOVE AND KINDNESS of Jesus with our neighbors and friends throughout Long Valley. Let's be known as Jesus followers who are supportive, hospitable, and kind!

Sincerely in the love of Jesus,
Robin Dugall, Pastor

Robin J. Dugall, Pastor | rdugall@apu.edu