Bloom where you are planted
My sister-in-law recently relocated far from Connecticut to another part of the country. As exciting as this change was, getting comfortable in her new locale was more difficult than she had imagined. Then she remembered what her mom told her many years before. She said,

“The secret to making a happy life anywhere is to
bloom where you are planted.” 

Almost all of our home inspection clients are moving from somewhere else. Maybe from another neighborhood or another town in Connecticut. Quite often they are moving from another state. There's not much time to think during the whirlwind of moving, but once the boxes are all brought in and you’re unpacked, reality hits. You’ve been uprooted from what’s familiar and now have to start all over in a brand new environment. Unless you already have family and friends in the area, establishing new roots can be overwhelming.

How to establish those new connections
and bloom where you are planted?

Here are a few suggestions!

* Push yourself slightly beyond your basic comfort level. For instance, if you normally walk your dog alone, consider taking your dog to the dog park instead.
* Volunteer. Organizations are always looking for volunteers. It’s a wonderful way to help others, meet new people and feel plugged in to your new community.
* Join a club or common-interest support network. If you immediately resume one or two activities that you did before moving, you’ll quickly meet people with similar common interests. 
* Call someone new. If a friend happens to knows someone in your new town, call that person and invite them to coffee. Ask them to share what they know about the area.
* Buy a map and start exploring. For example, if you enjoy art, locate the closest art museum and go on a group tour.
* Start something totally new. Apply for a job. Take a class in a subject you’ve always wanted to take such as cooking or gardening.
* Reach out to us! We are more than just a home inspection company. I am a Connecticut native and Ron has lived here most of his life. We are “plugged in” and would be happy to recommend some of our favorite restaurants, places of interest and things to do. So, please don’t hesitate to contact us after you’ve moved in!!

Starting fresh in a new community takes patience,
but we have confidence that if you make the effort to
bloom where you are planted, the quicker you’ll start to
grow new roots and feel grounded in your new home!