City of University Park          January 2019
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City Hall

Motorized scooter use near the SMU campus

Following a request from SMU, its student body president and student senate, the City Council has approved the use of motorized scooters on specific streets and sidewalks adjacent to campus. This is a trial program. In June, City staff will provide Council with an update on compliance by users and scooter company providers. 

  • Scooter users must be at least 18 years old
  • Scooter users cannot leave boundary areas
  • Scooter companies must use geo-fencing so that scooters will not operate outside boundary areas
  • Scooters will be programmed to travel no more than 10 miles an hour
  • SMU will publicize guidelines to students and faculty

Since it is private property, scooter use on the interior of the campus is regulated by the University and not the City.  Motorized scooter use is still prohibited on streets and sidewalks in the rest of University Park.  
University Park and Highland Park Ribbon Policy

Throughout the year colored ribbons are seen on trees, lamp posts and utility poles in the City and Town. The ribbons denote memorials, playoff-bound HPISD athletic teams and various annual awareness campaigns such as Red Ribbon Week. The displays are a community effort and are often initiated by residents and supporters of various worthwhile causes.

Guidelines for Placement

To avoid traffic confusion and visibility issues, ribbons should not be attached to any City or Town infrastructure (bridge railings, street sign/light/traffic poles). Also, they should not be tied on trees in any City or Town parks.

Guidelines for Removal

Ribbons attached to trees along the parkways of side-streets will be removed 10 working days after the commemorative event (game, memorial service, Red Ribbon Week, etc.). Those wanting a longer duration will need to get prior approval from the City or Town.  

Ribbons attached to front yard trees along the parkway will be left untouched unless they become tattered or begin to fall off.
Dispose of unwanted and unused prescription drugs
It’s easy to dispose of accumulated, unwanted, and unused prescription drugs anytime you want. Just stop by City Hall at 3800 University Blvd. There is a MedReturn box inside the building’s 24-hour entrance, located next to the City’s 911 call center window.

Disposal is a quick two-step process. First, transfer your pills, tablets and capsules into one or more of the plastic baggies found on top of the box. Then, just drop the contents into the secure slot on the front of the box. 

The MedReturn box will not accept liquid medications, inhalers, needles, syringes or lancets.
Safe disposal of medical sharps

“Sharps” is a medical term for items with sharp points or edges that can puncture or cut skin. Examples include needles, syringes, and lancets. Every year University Park sanitation workers are injured by sharps that are improperly discarded. To safely dispose of sharps, place them in a strong plastic containers like a bleach bottle, plastic milk container or liquid detergent bottles. These containers all have small openings with caps and lids that fit tightly and secure the sharps inside. When the container is full, tightly secure the lid and reinforce it with heavy duct tape before including it in your trash for collection. 
Community Events & Advisories  

Champions Parade and festivities at Goar Park

Thanks for watching the parade and coming to the festivities in Goar Park last Saturday.  All the fun was the perfect way to celebrate our Scots and their 3-peat 5-A football and team tennis titles. How about a 4-pack? Go Scots!
UP Public Library

UP @ the Library Family Time - January 26 - 3 p.m.

Here's your chance to meet and learn about a variety of live animals. Wild Things Zoofari is a family event for all ages.

UP @ the Library Family Time is sponsored by Christine McKenny and Allie Beth Allman & Associates
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