March 21, 2020
Attention all Local 685 Members:

We received notice from Probation Chief Leyva that Local 685 Bargaining Unit members may be "ordered" to report to our Institutions as early as today if the Department cannot fill Post positions through volunteers. 

We understand that these are extremely trying and difficult times for our members. However, we have been operating under the Emergency clauses of our MOU since the Federal Government declared a national state of emergency. We hope that any vacancies can be filled through volunteer, but we will need to cooperate with such orders under these conditions. We have demanded, exchanged information about, and are keeping watch to ensure that all facilities be maintained properly, disinfected, and rendered safe for all. 

If you have any questions or concerns, please reach out to the Executive Board, Special Reps, or your Steward. 

Stay safe, Sisters & Brothers.