Dear Crusader community,

I am so grateful for the 100+ members of our Northwest Christian family that turned out to the virtual meeting last night to hear from Northwest Christian's Rezoning Opposition Committee. If you were not able to attend (Go Cards!), above is a link that will take you to a video recording of the session. I assure you, this 41-minute video is well worth your time!
As we prepare for the Village Planning meeting on Thursday, November 18th, I am now urging our community to participate in the following action items.

  • Please consider signing the virtual petition that can be found at this link: SIGN THE PETITION! To date, over 2,500 individuals have signed! I will be presenting this petition to the Village Planning Committee on November 18th--a strong showing would be wonderful!

  • I would urge you to attend another virtual neighborhood meeting. Due to the inconsistencies within their application process, this is the second time that the city of Phoenix has had to force Asura to hold yet another neighborhood meeting. If you could log-on to the meeting, even if you don't participate, a strong showing will demonstrate to the city that a high level of concern remains. The l0g-in information is below.

Date and time: 6:00pm on Tuesday, November 2nd
Access code: 116-815-157
Phone access: +1(571)317-3122

Joshua Bednarek:

Racelle Escolar:

David Simmons:

Enrique Bojorquex-Gaxiola:

Derrik Rochwalik:

Councilwoman Anne O’Brien:

Please reach out to me with any questions.

Geoff Brown
(623)225-5573 (cell)
Northwest Christian School
16401 N. 43rd Ave.
Phoenix, Arizona 85053