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With your help, we'll assist Guatemala's disaster recovery efforts for animals and people
As a result of Guatemala's volcano eruption last week, animals were left suffering along with the people who rely on them. With your help for this urgent situation, we can assist both.

Equines support hundreds of thousands of Guatemala's poor population by helping with farm work, transportation, and household chores. They transport produce, water, firewood, and more.
When animals are not able to work due to injury, illness or death (in this case, from the volcano eruption), the families who rely on them are plunged into deeper poverty and will be forced to do the work that they normally rely on their animals to perform.

The young Guatemalan man in this photo represents the type of back-breaking work that falls on the shoulders of men, women, and children when they don't have the assistance of a healthy horse, donkey, or mule.

By helping Brooke USA's Equine Emergency Disaster Relief Fund, you'll allow us to support the team which is on the ground right now, reaching the animals whose lives and welfare have been devastated by this disaster.

By extension, the families who own those animals and depend on them will be able to recover from the disaster much more quickly than those who no longer have their animals. We'll also continue to support equine welfare efforts by teaching owners how to take better care of the animals on whom they are so dependent.
We are committed to raising $10,000 for this project.
We're already at $3,195, so please help us meet our goal.
Brooke USA 's mission is to significantly improve the welfare of working horses, donkeys and mules and the people they serve throughout Asia, Africa, the Middle East and Latin America by raising funds and responsibly directing them to the areas of greatest need.
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