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County Road Resurfacing on Golf Road
As part of the penny sales tax initiative, the county is grinding and resurfacing Golf Road beginning next week.

In some places, the ficus trees that line Golf Road have extended under the road. This has caused breaks in the asphalt. Before the county can repave, they must trim the roots and install a root barrier to prevent the roots from running under the road and causing more damage.

The work begins Tuesday, Sept. 4 . The county will close Golf Road completely between Country Road East and Quail Ridge Drive.
Village residents and visitors must access the main gate from Military Trail. All traffic leaving the village will be directed to Military Trail. We do not have a definitive date from the county on how long this closure will last.
A second future phase of the project will close Golf Road between Country Road West and the entrance to the village. We will alert residents of this next closure when we receive an update from the county.

The end result of this repaving project will greatly reduce the noise coming from Golf Road to the benefit of village residents. Please call Village Hall with any questions.
21 Country Road, Village of Golf, Florida 33436
PH: (561) 732-0236