Will you please take 2 minutes and send a quick note to the NC State Board of Elections regarding this year's Early Voting?

The Wake County Democrat party is requesting that the Early Voting days and hours be  increased  for this fall. Our County Board of Elections has already presented 20 sites and 17 days of early voting, to the State, for approval for this fall.  Click Here for the details

Will you please send a quick email to the State Board of Elections requesting that they NOT increase what has already been requested by our county Board Of Elections.  Please Use this link   to communicate with the State Board Of Elections.

Here are 3 simple points:
1. The Democrat request will greatly increase the cost to taxpayers.
2. It has been proven that additional days and locations do NOT increase the number of voters who vote early.
3. This only creates additional opportunity for chaos.

Thank you for being the voice of common sense.

The Wake County Republican Party
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