Just Discovered by HIRA - Boyd Ready's secret files (and more

Aloha Republicans:

Well, thanks to our inside sources, HIRA has now been able to obtain 100% verified documents from the secret files of interim party executive director Jack James' sugar daddy himself, Boyd Ready.
If you read our e-mail yesterday or today about Honolulu GOP county chair candidate Boyd "Do Nothing" Ready, you already know that he secretly pushed an agenda for the state party to pursue legal action by suing some poor old Republican ladies so they'd lose their financial interest in the Hawaii GOP headquarters.  This WILL result in a lawsuit because the little old ladies have said explicitly that they will NOT sell.
This is Boyd Ready's secret agenda that he refuses to disclose and which Ready's rapidly declining Hawaii GOP refuses to share with party members.
Well, HERE is the secret, 1-page resolution adopted by Boyd Ready on March 9th.
Huddled behind closed doors at a secret meeting in a hotel room a few weeks ago, Boyd and his colleagues on the executive committee of the Hawaii Republican Party voted to approve this resolution authorizing the party to hire an attorney to sue the Oahu League of RINO Women (OLRW) to force them to sell the party headquarters on Kapiolani Blvd., of which the OLRW owns half.
Here is the never before seen purchase agreement
for the Hawaii GOP headquarters, signed by then state GOP chair Donna Alcantara and then Oahu League president Helen Kekuna.  The Oahu League ladies say that the agreement is airtight and that Boyd Ready's Hawaii GOP will be in for a world of hurt when this goes to court.  [And you thought Boyd and other party leaders were actually using the past four months since the election to finally learn how to win.   Nope, they're not.]
PALACE INTRIGUE:  No matter how much money party leaders like Boyd Ready waste on overhead month after month (to include the $3,000 per month just on the maintenance fee for this luxury real estate, plus the mortgage, the parking, the utilities, etc.), this sort of secretive maneuvering completely kills the trust which card-carrying party members and donors have in their party leaders.
As usual, Boyd Ready is more than happy to follow orders from his RINO superiors and eagerly  conduct dirty business behind closed doors.  In fact, he reportedly wouldn't even stop the secret meeting to ensure that the Oahu League's president and/or attorney was present to guarantee that party officers knew both sides of the story before voting on such an important issue.  That is the height of irresponsibility.   But that's just typical Boyd Ready.
In fact, it's very much like Boyd Ready's irresponsible wasting of donor funds to hire incompetent Jack "The Music Man"  James, when Ready knows that the party is now losing $14,000 per month so Boyd can play 'sugar daddy' to his politically inexperienced crony who needed a job after his candidate lost for the 2nd time in November.
BUT THAT'S NOT ALL, FOLKS:   This morning came new revelations about Boyd Ready's running mate, a self-promoter named Al Frenzel.  Here is a guy with some serious issues.
Maybe you've heard of him.  Al Frenzel is the guy who told everybody he was in charge of the Trump Hawaii campaign and promised in July 2016 to lead the effort to make 721,000 phone calls to registered voters throughout the state As HIRA has reported previously, based on Al Frenzel's July 2016 e-mail below, he explicitly promised "we will have a telephone campaign to call" 721,000 registered voters in Hawaii.  WELL, THAT DID NOT HAPPEN.  NOT EVEN CLOSE.
Instead of 721,000 calls, this major failure only made 500 calls in Hawaii period.  Here's the official breakdown obtained from Frenzel himself TODAY.  He only made 551 calls in Hawaii.   That's a mere 6/100ths of 1 percent of the promised 721,000 phone calls to Hawaii votersThat's a major failure of epic proportions.

It's no wonder Hawaii voted two-to-one for Hillary Clinton in November.  Frenzel blew it big time.  In 2017, Al Frenzel is in NO WAY prepared to move up the food chain of politics from stamp-licker to county vice chair having made the biggest broken political promise made in Hawaii for the past 25 years!!  [Even if he made 5,000 calls, that's not enough to win in Hawaii.]

It turns out that do-nothing Boyd Ready has a kindred spirit running mate today in do-nothing Al Frenzel.  Maybe we can give them 'participation trophies' like liberals hand out in the public schools?  [ Warning:  Get a close look at other Boyd Ready running mates.  Kick the tires.  Ask questions.  Dig out their track records.  From here it seems like hot air.]
HIRA thought you should know these things, since neither Boyd Ready nor Al Frenzel nor the Hawaii GOP will tell you the truth . . . not even a fraction of the truth.   Self-described RINO Al Frenze l, like thoroughbred RINO Boyd Ready , does not provide the kind of leadership or honesty or reliability we need.
Finally, as most Hawaii Republicans eventually discover, the Hawaii GOP is a wasteland of people like Boyd Ready and Al Frenzel who obsess over titles and puff up their chests after having accomplished very little.
Meanwhile the Democrats steamroll over our party because it's led by these little people whose worthless 'accomplishments' and astonishing sense of self-importance keep the Hawaii GOP as weak as can be.  Tough words . . . but 100% true.  This needs to be said.
So let's end this sad and pathetic 'do nothing' era once and for all.  Let's stop the secret and corrupt dealings.  Let's drain the swamp with a complete housecleaning.  We won't beat the Democrats until the closet Democrat RINO leadership and their puppet officers, old and new, are completely gone.  You know who they are.  And HIRA knows their names too.


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