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Send an email TODAY by 3PM in support of Legislative Concept 52 becoming law so no Oregonian with Developmental Disabilities has to experience hospitalization without needed supports for communication, safety and decision making!

Legislative Concept 52
  • Mandates hospitals allow support people to patients as required by the Americans with Disabilities Act, consistent with the order recently released by US Health and Human Services and current Oregon Health Authority guidelines. 
  • Clarifies that Crisis Care Guidance may not include provisions that consider the presence of a disability as a determinant factor in the decision of who gets care and who does not.
  • Ensures that people are not pressured to make end of life decisions on the basis of their disability or as a condition of receiving care; and that they can have support from people they choose for end of life care discussions.

SUBJECT: “LC 52: Access to Care for Oregonians with Disabilities Public Testimony”

SEND TO: Oregon Legislative Special Session 1 Committee at

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Provide your name and city where you live.
Ask that Legislative Concept 52 be passed into law this Special Session so that Oregonians experiencing disability can access healthcare, use support from people they trust while they are hospitalized and have support when making end of life decisions.
If you have a personal story about being denied access to healthcare, denied support in the hospital or being asked to sign documents about end of life care just because you were being admitted to the hospital, please say a few sentences about that.

Express thanks to the Committee for considering this important issue!

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