Urgent!  Please take action now! Call your State Senators and Representatives today at
1-800-811-7647 and urge them to stop the $260 million raid on your fish and wildlife license dollars!   


Recently introduced by Reps. Becker, Sonnenberg, and Sen. Jahn, HB 1150 would gut funding for the Colorado Division of Wildlife and is this year's most serious attack on Colorado's fish and wildlife - and the state's hunters and anglers.


HB 1150 will take your hunting and fishing license dollars away from the intended purpose - fish and wildlife management and conservation. INSTEAD, these fund will be transferred from your pocket and the Colorado Division of Wildlife to the Colorado Water Conservation Board to develop water storage projects.   


If passed, HB 1150 will result in a $260 million net loss of funding for fish and wildlife conservation and management in Colorado over the next ten years - $50 million in funds directly transferred, and $210 million in lost federal matching grants.


Please call your State Representative today and urge them to vote NO on HB 1150.  You can reach the Capitol by calling: 1-800-811-7647.   If you don't know who your State Representative is or how to reach them, you can look them up and find their contact information by clicking here and entering your zip code.  


To read more about HB 1150 click here or download a copy of the bill here. 


Interested in speaking out at the Capitol?   HB 1150 is scheduled for hearing in the House Agriculture Committee on Monday, February 21.  This is an opportunity for the public to voice their concerns. Please contact Erica Stock if you would like to attend.  Or, join in next Thursday's Sportsmen's Day at the Legislature, described below. 



Want to do more?

Become a Sportsmen's Advocate! Join fellow conservation-minded sportsmen and women NEXT Thursday, February 17th 8am @ the State Capitol for  'Sportsmen's Day at the Legislature'.  Meet your legislators!  Learn how to be an effective advocate for your sport!  Meet other sportsmen from around the state!  And make your voice heard!   Click here for more information.  To RSVP or for further questions email Aaron Kindle at

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