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Gun rights activists are holding a rally at the Capitol on Saturday, April 5, to protest the requirement that they register their assault rifles and high capacity warning shot, gun violence preventionmagazines.  They are demanding that the historic law we passed last year be repealed by May 7 or state-provoked chaos and violence could result; and they are targeting for defeat all legislators who voted yes on that bill.

They are even going so far as to encourage their supporters to attend the rally carrying handguns.

We MUST respond to this, but we do not intend to confront them on that day.  Instead, Connecticut's gun safety groups are united in asking our supporters to take two simple actions:

Our message is simple:  We support the gun safety legislation that was passed in 2013, and we thank those legislators who stood with us by voting yes on An Act Concerning Gun Violence Prevention and School Safety.

The opposition has been dominating the media with their blog posts, verbal threats, and their aggressive election activities.  And they are taking credit for legislators who are choosing not to run again, even though we know those decisions had nothing to do with their vote on the bill.

That is why it is critical that you make your voice heard. We have to convince our legislators that we are not going away and our numbers greatly surpass those of our opposition.
Please forward this message to all of your friends.  This must be our largest response ever.  We must unite quickly and let legislators know that we will not be intimidated by these tactics, but will stand with them as they stood with us.

Click here NOW to join the Thunderclap, and watch your email on Friday, April 4 for details on the 9:30 a.m. phone call!!

Thank you, your participation is critical and appreciated.

Participating organizations: 

gun violence prevention groups
In Peace,
The ENOUGH Campaign
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Formed by local moms from Fairfield County, CT just days following the Newtown shooting, The ENOUGH Campaign's mission is to protect our families and our country as we advocate for more public awareness on the issues of gun violence prevention in America. Through legislative advocacy and community education, we champion stronger gun laws and aim to transform public perceptions of gun safety.

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