Pope Francis announces visit  to Bangladesh  
Catholic World Mission receives exciting 
invitation to participate
Catholic World Mission is pleased to be part of the great event of the Papal visit to Bangladesh. We are honored to be one with Cardinal D'Rozario, the diocese of Dhaka, and the people of Bangladesh in welcoming Pope Francis. This visit comes 32 years since the last papal visit to Bangladesh, when Pope St. John Paul II visited the country. Pope Francis will visit the countries of Myanmar and Bangladesh from November 26-December 2, 2017.   Our own Executive Director, Deacon Rick Medina, will make the trip! 

This event is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for the many faithful Catholics in Bangladesh to see the Holy Father. It is an affirmation of their faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and the hard work of the many missionary priests and religious spreading the Gospel message. Unfortunately, this wonderful opportunity to strengthen the faith of the many faithful in Bangladesh will not be shared by thousands. The truth is, many of the Catholic faithful are from remote villages who cannot afford the simple and basic means to travel to the city of Dhaka. It is the shared desire of Catholic World Mission, the many bishops, priests from remote villages, and the diocese of Dhaka, to provide free transportation for as many faithful to see the Holy Father as possible. 

Your generous gift is needed today, because there's no way we can provide this transportation for the faithful in Bangladesh without you. We know given the same opportunity to see the Holy Father, you would do everything in your abilities to travel, see, and be uplifted by the pope. Please provide the same opportunity to our poor brothers and sisters in Christ in Bangladesh and affirm the message of our faith - we are one Body in Christ!

Christians make up only .37% of the total population in Bangladesh! We can make the pope's visit a catalyst to lift up our brothers and sisters in Bangladesh and be part of the Lord's command of spreading His message to all corners of the world.

Can you please help us with this great need? Anything you can give will be greatly appreciated and every gift will be used for the service of God's people and to spread the Gospel message of Jesus Christ.  Our deepest gratitude to those of you who have already given. We hope others will be moved to give generously as well.

Please pray for the success of this trip, as well as the safety of everyone traveling there, including the Holy Father, Deacon Rick, and all locals. Please also pray that more souls will come to know Jesus as a result of Pope Francis's visit. 

Sponsor one, ten, or 100 villagers, especially little children and entire families today. Click the button below to give poor Bangladeshi Christians the opportunity to see and hear the Pope's message in person.
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