Please help us with rescue costs for this precious new addition to our Sanctuary....and help us name this "New Boy"
Help us give this "New Boy" a much better life...
and a new name!
Please donate today!

     Late last week W.O.L.F. received a call that a young male wolf dog had been picked up as a stray by a Los Angeles shelter.   We were told that this boy needed to be transferred to a sanctuary immediately or be euthanized within a few days . Our staff jumped into action. Early Sunday our Director of Animal Care, an intern and a volunteer flew out to begin the rescue process. 
     "New Boy" was emaciated, dehydrated and had a coat that was matted and ratty looking. Once released from the shelter, W.O.L.F. personnel placed him in a comfortable kennel with food and water and drove 18 hours back to Colorado, arriving at the Wellington Vet Hospital early morning July 4th. Dr. Teva Stone was kind enough to spend four hours that day doing an very thorough exam, discovering  that "New Boy" was malnourished, anemic, had mange (due to a weakened immune system), inflamed feet and a MAJOR tick infestation. Hundreds of ticks had to be pulled off and washed away from his thin body while at the vet's office.
     "New Boy" is now recovering at an off-site infirmary under veterinary guidance until he is well enough to be transferred to our Sanctuary--probably in about two weeks. He is getting LOTS of TLC and round-the-clock care from staff and our wonderful volunteers. "New Boy" is the sweetest wolf dog and will blossom with the medical care, healthy food and nurturing he is receiving. The photos below tell the story of his adventure from near-certain death in Los Angeles to a safe life in Colorado.
     We now need your help with two things:
  1. The rescue and medical bills are very costly, running into the  thousands   of dollars.  T ransportation expenses alone ran over $1,500. Please DONATE HERE or at the "Donate Now" button below the photos, or mail us a check at P.O. Box 1544, Laporte, CO 80535.  Your generosity is greatly appreciated.
  2. We need a new name for "New Boy"!   Please email us at your suggestion no later than this Thursday, July 7th 9 p.m. MST (that's 11 p.m. EST).  We'll tally the names, choose the top candidates and let you know his new name on our Facebook page.
Thank you for supporting W.O.L.F., our "New Boy" and all of the other animals we serve.

"New Boy" is excited as he starts the trip to his new life in Colorado

Peaceful a few hours into the trip

At Wellington Vet Hospital with Dr. Teva Stone

"Hey, I'm gonna get a bath?  FINALLY!"
MISSION:  To improve the quality of life for wolves and wolf dogs through Rescue, Sanctuary and Education