Dear Or Zarua Community,

As of this Shabbat, we are taking decisive action to help keep each other as healthy as possible, and join with the greater community to help mitigate the spread of COVID-19. At this time, there are no known cases in our community.

Regretfully, as of Friday, March 13, at 1:00 pm, we are suspending:

  • All in-person prayer services, both Shabbat and daily minyan
  • Programs, classes and lectures
  • Or L’Atid Hebrew school 
  • Youth programming
We do not make this decision lightly. The Or Zarua Health Task Force unanimously agrees that we must take these measures to protect our health and the health of others. The Or Zarua Executive Committee and the Board of Trustees met this morning and accepted this recommendation.

Thankfully, remaining connected in these trying times is possible. We plan to harness the power of technology to offer some classes, spiritual engagements, phone calls and ZOOM meetings with Rabbi Bolton, Sigal Hirsch and other teachers. The need for physical distancing will challenge us to conceive of new ways to come together and connect. 

Should you need to contact Rabbi Bolton, please call or text him at 917-566-8690 or email him at . In the event of an urgent need on Shabbat, please call The Brompton at 212-600-1540 and ask them to deliver a message to the Rabbi in Apartment 4G. 

If you have any questions about the steps we are taking, please email .

We Jews are believers in the sanctity of life and in the power of science. While we so often come together to celebrate, sanctify and remember loved ones, there are times when pulling back from the physical, social interactions with others are called for. Now is that time based on scientific evidence and medical advice. Pikuah nefesh dokheh et ha-kol - contributing to life safety is our highest priority.

Shabbat Shalom, 

The Or Zarua Health Task Force
Rabbi Bolton
Diane Okrent
Dr. Barry Coller
Dr. Laura Fisher
Sigal Hirsch
Alan Ilberman
Dr. Donna Mildvan
Helene Santo
Congregation Or Zarua
127 E. 82nd Street
New York, NY 10027