Please do not sign the TASC petition. 

You may have received a message from The Alliance for Solar Choice (TASC) urging you to oppose solar legislation in Washington. They are claiming it will kill the industry and this is not the case. 

TASC is a nationwide organization consisting primarily of solar leasing companies. They are largely opposed to current legislation in Washington because, while leased solar would now qualify for incentives, it would limit the amount of state incentives solar leasing companies can collect, require them to give full disclosure to consumers, and require that they be regulated by the UTC. 


Their claims that "These bills...threaten to eliminate fundamental solar policies and ensure that solar in Washington stays only for the rich" and "Washington is at risk of missing out on local job creation and a competitive clean energy market" are both verifiably false. The only thing threatened is the ability for these national corporations to profit on Washington State tax dollars, something they are currently under investigation for doing at the federal level (See links below). 


For more information on leasing please check out these articles: 





Solar is alive and thriving in Washington. Prices have dropped. Loans are readily available. This legislation would continue to support the Washington based solar industry and open opportunities for alternative financing models.

Please support your local installers and don't let national companies agendas influence what is best for Washington. We urge you not to sign TASC's petition.

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