Urgent: Practitioner Data Breaches Update - September 5, 2016
Basic Information

This is an effort to inform all practitioners who could be impacted. If you are reporting a suspected data breach, you will be asked to provide the following information:
  • Date of incident
  • How the incident was identified
  • Preparer name
  • Preparer PTIN
  • Preparer firm name
  • If applicable, a list of EFINs issued to the firm
In addition, practitioners / payroll service providers should be prepared to secure and provide the following client information to either Stakeholder Liaison or Criminal Investigation:
  • A complete listing of all client SSNs
  • A complete listing of business client EINs
IMPORTANT: Please make sure that any information emailed to the IRS by tax practitioners / payroll service providers is encrypted or password protected. Otherwise this information should be sent via fax or e-fax.
Other Reference

Guidance for practitioner victims can be found here: