Today on our phone lines, most of the calls are from women asking if abortion is still legal in Ohio.

Last night the Ohio state legislature passed a bill banning abortion when a fetal heartbeat is detected, usually around 6 weeks. Today, they'll likely pass a ban on abortion at 20 weeks.

Both of these bans are an affront to the rights and dignity of women in Ohio.

What can you do? Call Governor Kasich! Tell him that banning abortion endangers women's health. Call at 614-466-3555.

Politicians aren't medical experts and they have no place interfering in our personal health decisions. When it comes to the most important decisions in life, such as whether and when to become a parent, it is vital that each of us is able to consider all options—with the advice of the health care professionals we trust.

We will not stop providing care and fighting for the rights of our patients. No matter what, Preterm will be here to support our community, providing outstanding abortion and sexual health care with compassion and respect.