Sydney City Council wants to ban the Vaxxed Bus in NSW and nationally!
The Sydney City Council is voting on a resolution tonight to ban the AVN's Vaxxed Bus from any council area. They are also voting to contact the Federal and State Health Ministers, Attorneys General and Police Ministers regarding extending this ban nationally.

Incredibly (but perhaps not surprisingly), the council could not even do enough research to get the name of our organisation right! Read through the motion - it is like a comedy of errors.

We are asking every person reading this email newsletter to write to the councillors below by 9 PM tonight, October 26th, regarding your thoughts on this discriminatory and (dare we say it) ignorant move to censor discussions regarding vaccine safety. Be polite but don't delay please! You may also call them if you wish - both email and telephone contacts are listed below.

Does the council have a clue about what they are opposing?

It is obvious that the council has no idea what the Vaxxed Bus is for and what we do. We need to let them know. Feel free to send them a link to our blog where they can view some of the hundreds of heartbreaking interviews we have already conducted with the families of those who have been killed or injured by vaccines.

We also need to ask them to allow the AVN to participate in this meeting which is discussing the rights of the AVN, our members and the people of NSW and Australia who want to protect their own and their children's basic human rights to bodily integrity.

Some points to cover:

The AVN is doing the government's job in gathering vaccine reactions to establish safety data for all Australians

The proposal to censor the voices of Australians who have been adversely affected by a government-recommended medication is unconstitutional and immoral

This motion is discriminating against an entire section of the population who have been adversely affected by vaccines. They are not anti-vaccine because they have already vaccinated - they have suffered from following government and medical advice and now, they are being further injured by these efforts to suppress their freedom of political speech.

Whatever else you feel moved to say is great and if you can send a copy of your message to us at, that would really be appreciated.

Here is a list of the Councillors who will be voting tonight, Monday, October 26th, on the motion to ban the VAXXED bus from visiting Sydney.

Lord Mayor – Councillor Clover Moore, 02 9265 9229
Deputy Lord Mayor – Councillor Jess Scully 02 9246 7396
Councillor Craig Chung - 02 9246 7375
Councillor Christine Forster - 02 9288 5921
Councillor Robert Kok - 02 9265 9427
Councillor Jess Miller - 02 9246 7362
Councillor Professor Kerryn Phelps AM - 02 9246 7347
Councillor Linda Scott - 02 9288 5917
Councillor Professor Philip Thalis - 02 9246 7383
Councillor Angela Vithoulkis - 02 9288 5909

Tuesday, Nov. 17th -
Part 2 NSW Vaxxed Tour
Now is the time to register to tell your
vaccine-injury and unvaccinated stories.
Limited time slots available so please
do not wait - register today!

Thanks to the incredible assistance of Solution Architects who have worked diligently and have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us set up a flexible booking solution that we can use going forward for this and all future Vaxxed tours around Australia, we have been able to put the Vaxxed Downunder Tour booking form on our website and it is now live and functioning!

Important! The form can now be used for
ALL registrations.
There are several options available:

  • Tell a vaccine-injury story
  • Tell an unvaccinated story
  • Tell a mixed story - both vaccine-injury and unvaccinated
  • Come to see the bus in the morning
  • Come to see the bus in the afternoon

The reason we are asking you to register to just see the bus is because only those who are registered will receive the email and text alerts the night before to let them know where the bus will be the next day. Other than that, you will only have a general location (eg Campbelltown or Goulburn but not the exact location.

The registration process is simple but one that will require you paying a bit of attention so please follow these instructions to ensure a smooth and seamless process.

The images below will show you exactly what to do. On the first booking page, you will select whether you want to just come to see the bus in which case you will select the location on the left and the Vaxxed Bus - Come See the bus (morning or afternoon) on the right.

If you are coming to share a story, you will follow the instruction in the middle example by selecting the location, the type of story you are sharing and the Vaxxed Bus Team in the Who section.


When you click NEXT, on the following page, you MUST select the date in the calendar. The calendar defaults to October 16th as the first date of the tour so you need to select the right date according to your location. If you don't remember what the date of your booking is, just look at the graphic which will show you the dates and locations.

What if the time and date that I want is already booked?

There is an option for you to go onto the waiting list if your preferred time isn't available. Whilst we can't guarantee that you will be able to see us at that time (it will rely on whether the person who is already booked in cancels), we will let you know if the time opens up and if so, it's yours!

We look forward to seeing you there!

If you are booking to see the bus, please follow this instruction:
If you are booking to share your story, please follow this instruction:
DON'T FORGET to select the date on the next screen!
Our Volunteers are AWESOME!
We could not possibly put on an event like this tour without the help, dedication and love of our great AVN volunteers. Aside from the three people who will be on the bus - Meryl and Angela who will be doing the interviews and our bus driver for this leg, Jimmy, we have over 50 amazing volunteers who have stepped forward to assist at each and every location!

From welcoming the guests coming to the bus, to setting up our tables, to bringing us food and - most importantly - coffee! to keep us going when our energy is starting to flag after a long day, our helpers provide us all with whatever we need including hugs and hankies to dry the tears we cry with those families who are dealing with some of the most difficult conditions any human should ever have to face.

We thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Words can't possibly express our gratitude, but we offer our words of thanks unreservedly.
Help Needed:
Nov 5th in Campbelltown
Our beautiful Vaxxed bus will finish this leg of the tour on November 5th in Campbelltown where it will live for 2 weeks before it starts the next phase of its journey heading North.

By then, our on-board volunteers will be well and truly exhausted and ready for their 2-week break before they start all over again.

Our beautiful bus will be a bit tired and dusty too.

We need to ask for 4-5 people who can give us 3-4 hours on November 5th to come and clean the bus inside and out. Sweep, wash and give it a bit of TLC so those people who have worked 3 weeks straight can just leave it in your capable hands and know that when they come back in mid-November, all they need to do is jump on the bus and start to drive!

If you can assist, we would be so grateful! Please click here and provide us with your name and phone number and we'll be in touch.
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