FCA Action Alert
 Saturday, April 29, 2017
TED Budget Conference Just Completed Its
Last Meeting Early This Afternoon

The final decisions about appropriations for 
Florida Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) 
2017-2018 grants are in the hands of four legislative leaders.

     Will you -- and get others to take action, too --
email Senate and House leadership NOW and UNTIL we see the final budget at the beginning of this upcoming week?

Thank them for their support of these DCA grants' programs; HOWEVER, politely ask for their leadership to please 

# 1.  Restore funding to a higher level than $11,281,124 for the Cultural and Museum Grants (budget line item 3139).  This appropriation will only fund 31.7% of 480 recommended grants throughout the state at their qualified matching-grant amounts.  Ask them to please restore appropriations to a higher level; so, these 480 recommended grants throughout our state will receive more than 31.7% of what they qualify and are recommended for under this DCA grants' program. 

# 2.   Accept the House's position on Cultural Facilities Grants at $11,591,554 (budget line item 3144A), which would provide funding for all 36 recommended matching grants.  The Senate recommends $9 million, which would fund the first 27 on the  ranked list and partially fund #28.

Suggested Topics for E-mail Subject Box:   Please restore funding for Cultural and Museum Grants  and/or Please accept House's Position on Cultural Facilities Grants  and/or Please fund more than 31% for 480 Cultural and Museum Matching Grants

What's at stake for your county regarding 2017-2018 DCA grants?  
Go here and feel free to share this information.

Email these four leaders now and until you hear from us to please stop your communications with them.  If you know them personally or know someone who does know them personally, call them to ask for their leadership and help on the two asks above:

Senate President Joe Negron

Senate President Joe Negron
(850) 487-5025

Chairman Jack Latvala
Senator Jack Latvala
Chairman of Senate Appropriations
(850) 487-5016

Speaker Richard Corcoran
Speaker of the House Richard Corcoran
(850) 717-5000

Chairman Carlos Trujillo
Representative Carlos Trujillo
Chairman of the House Appropriations Committee
(850) 717-5105

The budget conference meeting of the Transportation, Tourism, and Economic Development Appropriations (TED) has met 6 times in the last two days.  Below is what this TED budget conference ended its final meeting today recommending for the appropriations to fund the Division of Cultural Affairs (DCA) 2017-2018 grants' programs:

Cultural and Museum Grants:    $11,281,124
(all now from non-recurring general revenue; This amount would  fund 480 organizations at approximately 31.7% of their qualified grant amounts. Go here to see proposed grant amounts under blue column #6).

THERE IS STILL HOPE TO RESTORE FUNDS TO THE CULTURAL AND MUSEUM GRANTS IF YOU TAKE ACTION NOW AND ASK THE FOUR LEADERS ABOVE TO RESTORE FUNDING TO A HIGHER LEVEL:  You and other arts and culture advocates must continue to advocate with legislative leadership to restore money to this line item that impacts so many organizations and counties. 

Culture Builds Florida Grants:  $2,320,109
Will provide full funding recommended by both Senate and House for all 110 recommended grants.  Thank these leaders for their support of this program.

Cultural Facilities Grants:  House and Senate still don't agree

HOUSE continues to recommend $11,591,554 that would fund all 36 DCA recommended grants under this category


SENATE recommends $9,000,000 that would fund the first 27 on the ranked  list and partially fund #28. 

     Please communicate NOW with these four Florida Legislative Leaders listed above.  It's not over, until it's over. Continue to make these 2 polite asks listed above of these leaders.  Thank you.